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I would like to request a paper for Logic and Critical Thinking class, instructions and details are in the attached fail. No specific example, can be used any that satisfies the criteria and is comfortable for the writer. If necessary, some content of the book can be provided. Due 11:00PM ET on Friday, July 28th.

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Final Project The goal of this project is for you to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives through an analysis of arguments offered in public culture (through television, magazines, social media, billboards, etc.) Our society is inundated with these kind of arguments on a daily basis in the form of advertising. One can argue that these persuasive arguments form the basis of many decisions. Objective: Analyze the strategy used to persuade you to watch something, buy something, vote for someone, or believe something. Examples: Ad Campaign Movie Poster Infomercial Preview of Coming Attraction News Program Newspaper Coverage of an Issue Magazine Lay-out Political Campaign Kids Programming Sales Pitch Campaign on a Social Issue Questions to be considered and covered in your paper: 1. What is the issue? 2. Who is the target audience? 3. What is the design of the argument? Point out techniques of suggestion 4. How is language used to gain the audiences favor? Point out fallacies and weasel words 5. How is does the use of imagery influence the viewer? Point out imagery, lighting, clothing, framing, etc. 6. How are/will people be convinced by this strategy? 7. Do you believe this ad will persuade the target market? Why or why not? Write an essay that briefly and succinctly deconstructs the persuasive argument demonstrated by the advertisement. The essay should answer the questions listed above. Utilize the information covered in this semester’s readings and discussions, your own observations and at least outside three articles as support for your perspective. Note the following requirements: 1. Your essay must be at least 1000 words in length. 2. You must utilize textbook information in your analysis. Your paper must refer to at least three distinct concepts, terms, ideas found in the textbook with the page number for each clearly identified. 3. Your essay must choose one advertisement, infomercial, etc. to analyze and deconstruct. Citation information for your choice is required. 4. Your paper must be constructed in an academic format – with an academic heading (or title page), a logical procession of thought and development, proper grammar and spelling, and a works cited page utilizing MLA formatting. Grading Rubric for Final Project: Does the submitted paper analyze an advertisement found in the media? Is the proper citation information for the advertisement included in the paper? 5 points Does the submitted paper effectively address the points raised by questions that are asked in the instructions in critically assessing the advertisement? 10 points Does the submitted paper utilize textbook information (min: 3 concepts, terms, ideas) to analyze the advertisement critically? Is proper citation information, including page number, included for each concept, terms, idea, etc.? 15 points (5 points each) Does the submitted paper utilize three additional articles, sources in analyzing the chosen advertisement? Is it evident that information from all three sources is used in writing the paper? Is proper MLA citation information provided for each article (source)? 15 points (5 points per source) Does the submitted paper follow a traditional academic outline? Does the paper have an introduction with thesis statement, a series of body paragraphs that develop the thesis, and a conclusion? 7.5 points Does the submitted paper have an academic heading or title page? Is a works cited page included with proper MLA formatting? Does the paper utilize proper spelling and grammar? 7.5 points Your paper is worth up to 50 points and must be submitted on or before Friday, May 28. ...
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You just need to cite your book, now! But that's it. If you need nedits, let me know.

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Cool by Default

The Department of Health of Washington State approved a rather controversial billboard for the
city of Yakima. The image, targeted at the Hispanic population in the city, would soon go viral for
the controversial choice of words that were plastered on the advert. “We don’t need pot to have
fun, we’re hispanic. We’re cool by default!” presents the billboard. The attention that the image
has gathered ranges from the supportive to the condemning due to perceived racial bias of the
publication. The intent, though, was not to create this divide. Instead, the article seeked to combat
the use of marihuana in the Hispanic community. Still, the billboard did not stay up for long.
Instead, amidst the controversy sparked, it was removed after the negative response. The ad,
though, can be examined outside of this controversy. But, even then, it does not seem like one that
was meant to succeed, due to its limiting scope, tone, and faulty word choices. In the end, the one
thing that a person would not take from the advertisement is the importance of abstaining from
consuming cannabis.
The cause that was being championed is not unimportant. The consumption of drugs
amongst adolescents is not, in principle, a practice that ought to be advocated. Second to alcohol,
marihuana is one of the most popular, and frequently consumed, drugs for teenagers. (Jacobus, et

[Last Name] 2
al., 2014). And, the effects that this consumption can cause, though not yet fully understood, have
been demonstrated in various studies. One particular study, led out by Dr. Rocío Martín-Santos,
in Barcelona, shows t...

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