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The learning activities will help you understand the course content covered in this chapter and they are in alignment with the learning objectives stated above.


Required Readings/Viewings

Read the Introduction chapter in your textbook: What is Art History? 

View the Formal Analysis PowerPoint Presentation created by Professor Erin Devine: Basics.pptx

Study the ElementsandPrinciples document. This document is a "cheat sheet" to print out and keep with you when looking at works of art.

  • Optional Readings/Viewings
  • Go to the following websites to view/study

How Dates Work (Links to an external site.)

Navigate the site by following along each of the links on the left menu area.

Introduction Activity

1. After you have completed the required readings and viewings, watch the videos below:

Note: The “skill of describing” video has no sound other than light music in the background.

Google Museum View screenshot

  • 3. Choose one of the museums; once you're "inside" the museum, find one artwork and create a post following these instructions.

Which work of art did you choose? Why?

List the a) name, b) artist, c) date and d) medium of the work you chose to focus on.

4. Describe the work you chose using at least five formal elements and three principles of design from your textbook introduction.

5. Click on the Discussions link in the course menu area

  • 6. Select the Introduction Activity forum and post your work there.

7. Respond to a classmate who chose a different museum.

Continue your fellow classmates' descriptions by adding TWO vocabulary words from the Introduction that they have not used.

8. You must complete all parts of this assignment to receive credit.

9. If you need help - click on this document: Directions For How to Post Your Introduction Activity.docx.

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Explanation & Answer

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.


Frida and the Cesarean

Professor’s Name


Frida And the Cesarean
The artwork I chose is titled Frida and the cesarean. Frida Kahlo painted it in 1931. The
painting depicts a woman lying on a bed with a visible hole in her stomach. Besides, the woman
on the right is an infant and an old lady. On the far left, other people are standing in a circle. Th...

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