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Here is the article for that essay: THE IMPORTANCE OF ELECTRIC CARS

Paper - Find an article about a current event in your discipline and write a supportive argumentative essay. The essay should be at least 1000 words in length and written in APA format. Include a cover page and Reference list.

Prepare an argumentative essay in which you take a position of a topic (current even related to your discipline). Begin by choosing a topic and establish your claim regarding this topic. Consider some good reasons or evidence that might support your claim. Also consider opposing views. What is your response to these opposing views?

Outline for Argumentative Essay:

Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement – the introduction should be fully developed containing background information on the topic. The thesis statement should appear at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Clear Transitions between all paragraphs – transitions hold the essay together. They inform the reader of what to expect in the next paragraph.

Body – fully developed set of paragraphs that provide evidence and support of the thesis. In the body the writer should include a warrant or reason that the evidence provided supports the thesis. Try to choose at least three VERY strong arguments that support your thesis (claim). Then back your argument up with relevant, timely, specific, and accurate evidence. Use facts and statistics leave out your opinions yet include opinions of experts on this topic. Avoid words like ‘I think”, and “I believe”. Do not overuse emotion and demonstrate lack of bias.

Also, in the body (1-2 paragraphs) it is important to consider other points of view or opposing views. The writer should view that are not in support of the thesis yet refute that this point of view is out of date, irrelevant, or not well informed.

Conclusion- The conclusion should be tied back to the thesis statement. It is important not to introduce any new information in the conclusion. The conclusion is a synthesis of the information in the essay and a statement of why the topic is important.

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1100 Words
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The Importance of Electric Cars

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The transportation industry has risen to become one of the most fundamental global
industries economically as well as in relation to research and development. Most notably, more
technological elements, aimed at enhancing the safety of passengers and pedestrians, are being
implemented on the vehicles. Besides, an increasing number of vehicles can be seen on the road
permitting for faster and more comfortable mobility. However, this has resulted in a significant
increase in the levels of air pollution in urban environments. To put this under perspective, the
transportation sector emits about 30% of the global total carbon dioxide emissions, with road
transport accounting for almost 80% of the sector’s emissions (Sanguesa et al., 2021). For this
reason, the majority of developed nations are fostering the utilization of Electric Vehicles (EVs)
to combat the elevating levels of greenhouse gases. Against this background, the study seeks to
explore the importance of electric cars while evaluating their pros and cons.
Currently, care for the environment has taken center stage on all global platforms. With
air pollution being a major hurdle, commercial vehicles are a significant source of GHGs. In line
with the US Department of energy, trucks account for over 20% of total energy consumed in
transportation burning over 28 billion gallons of fuel annually (Mavlyanov et al., 2018). Most
notably, the electricity mix is the most crucial factor which determines whether electric vehicles
outperforms conventional internal combustion vehicle when evaluating the impact on climate. It
is attributed to the fact that power stations that generate electricity emit GHGs when fossil fuels
power them (Federal Ministry for the Environment & Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
(BMU), 2021). However, with electric vehicles in operation, they do not generate pipe
emissions. The figure below demonstrates the impact on the climate of a compact car powered
by electricity, diesel, and petrol.


Figure 1 above shows the emissions of greenhouse gas throughout the lifespan of a compact car
(Federal Ministry for the Environment & Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), 2021)
The results indicate that the emissions of GHGs throughout the lifespan of a compac...

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