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Page 1 of 2 HTML 3 Project – ISM3011 Review the due date and late date & submission policies on Canvas. Remember to upload your finished project files to Canvas AND to the USF server. Ask before/after/during class or come into office/online hours if you have questions on any of this. Refer to the syllabus on Academic Dishonesty and group/individual work and allowable help for all projects – also remember it’s your responsibility to protect your work; do not share your project in any way, remove your work to a flash/thumb drive from any shared computers, check/delete work & empty the recycle bin if you work on public/lab computers. Before you start. Review these instructions. If you need help on individual skills go to our HTML Overview page on Canvas. Background and Planning • The purpose of this project is to use the tags you learned from the HTML 1 & 2 projects and create a unique set of web pages. • You’ll create 2 web pages for a single online business you might want to start. • If you have privacy concerns, please contact me and we can work around any issues. • Please use HTML and notepad or textedit – don't use a Word, blog, webpage wizard, or any FrontPage/Dreamweaver type of software. Just use a simple text editor. MAC USERS! Be sure that your TextEdit preferences are set correctly – or your web pages will not work correctly. Refer to the HTML 1 project instructions and the HTML overview video for information on this. This is really important! Part 1: Create two web pages • • . Both Pages: o Be sure that both web pages are G-rated and have content/images that you would want a prospective employer to view. You’ll be graded on the assignment components completed as well as having an attractive, appropriate website. Don’t forget to review your grammar and spelling. o Do not cut and paste any text from a Word or PDF file or embed an image of text in the web page. In other words, all text should be formatted by you using HTML Tags. All content should be your own words. o Your content as well as design must be original – again, do not copy and paste text / content from any other web site or project. You may download and use images from other websites. Page details – biz1.html & biz2.html: o The first page should be named ‘biz1.html’, the second named ‘biz2.html’ Both should be web pages advertising your product or service. Think of an online company you frequent that has multiple pages. Make yours unique, have fun with this. o Both pages should each have a word count of 200 words. To count your web page words, open it in the browser view, copy all the text and paste it into a Word document. o HTML Details – include the following skills and tags. All these required tags should be displayed between the two pages (each skill does not have to be on both pages, just one or the other). a) Correct HTML structure tags (html, head, title, body & ending tags) on both web pages b) Links between the two pages, biz1 to biz2 and biz2 to biz1. c) At least 2 image tags – not including background images. Use an image you have or have downloaded to your computer, not a link to an image on another site and don’t use the image files from the HTML 1 or 2 project. d) Tag or tag attributes that display a background image or color e) Tags to create a useful ordered or unordered list (with 3 list items in at least one of your ordered / unordered list). NOTE: if you center your unordered or ordered list and view it in Chrome or IE or Safari, the bullets may not center. Try viewing it in Firefox – that’s what we use to grade projects. f) A tag that displays a colored (not black/grey) horizontal line g) Two different size heading tags (for example, ) h) Font tags that demonstrate two different text colors (these should be separate from the heading and link tags) i) Tags that format text so that it is bold or strong, underlined, and italicized or emphasized (can be used separately or together) j) A paragraph tag and a break tag k) A tag that creates a useful table containing at least 3 rows and 3 columns with relevant content in all cells. l) Do a little exploration and include at least one more tag or HTML feature that we haven’t covered in the past 2 HTML assignments. Explain or identify this tag or technique in an HTML comment tag (see requirement below) m) A comment tag Page 2 of 2 In the interest of a sane grading process, please keep to the basics of this assignment. Please do not use inline, internal or external CSS for this these pages (see for info on this). If you are using a command that includes the word ‘style’ you are using CSS – please don’t. Web gurus…. If you feel like your web prowess is not being fully appreciated (I totally get this!), you can add a biz3 page and use CSS in this page. It won’t be graded, but we’ll check it out and be impressed! Part 2: Upload your project files and image files to the USF Server using the correct version of FileZilla or GlobalProtect • **Do not delete or modify your HTML 1 or HTML 2 project files. • Upload your HTML 2 webpages and image files to the USF Server (INSIDE the public_html folder) using the correct version of FileZilla (see our HTML overview page for the correct downloads / links) • The URL to your first page will be The biz1.html page should contain a link to your biz2.html page. • Check your URL / project on your phone or a different computer using Firefox to be sure it looks good, all images display and links work correctly. • There are upload instructions in our HTML overview and tips page. • Start early and get help from the TAs or myself if you have any issues with this part. Uploading to the server is worth a large percentage of the total project points. Part 3: Submit your project HTML Files and URL to Canvas ** This is different from the HTML 1 project 1. Upload your two HTML files and any image files used to Canvas. 2. Enter the URL in the comment area of the assignment. Your URL should be your You don’t have to submit the URL to the career page, we should be able to click a link on your resume to view the career page. 3. DO NOT modify your project on the server after the due date. If you change it after the due date, it will be considered late even if it was originally submitted on-time. If you modify it on the server after the late date, we won’t be able to grade it. Additional Notes: • Refer to your HTML 1 project overview and tips page as needed. Another good resource is • *Some of these tags may be deprecated (obsolete), but we are just using these simple tags to get an idea of what HTML / coding is all about. • Use images that have been downloaded to your computer and are in your working HTML folder. You will upload these images and your web pages to the USF server. Don’t directly link to images on other web sites. • Only use tags/code that you understand - don't copy/paste tags/code from other web pages or tutorials or get complex code from friends, etc. Tags/code questions will be included on exams. • Again, Please do not use inline, internal or external CSS for the resume page of your assignment (see for info on this). If you are using a command that includes the word ‘style’ you are using CSS – please don’t use this on your resume web page. • • • Start Early! If you wait until the last minute, you may lose many points on this project. Keep all of your web pages and image files in the same folder on your computer. It’s often easier if all of your web pages and image files are named with small letters (no capitals) only. If you have a problem, please check our Home page for common questions as well as the HTML Overview page / video (Modules area).
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