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Post-it notes were invented when a 3M chemist was striving to develop a stronger, tougher adhesive but invented a product that retained its stickiness while peeling apart easily. This discovery, combined with a colleague who, six years later, while looking for a bookmark that would not fall out, created an innovative product used ubiquitously today (Glass, 2013). Innovation can occur in the most unlikely scenarios and can be found in the way a company is structured, the product or services provided, or the style of communication. Evaluate a company that has utilized an innovative approach to improve their positioning, profitability, or sustainability. Was there a time when being innovative helped you either professionally or personally? Provide research via the Internet (from a credible source) and cite your posting in proper APA format and ensure that your posting provides a minimum of five paragraphs.


Glass, N. (2013, April 4). The hallelujah moment behind the invention of the Post-it note. Retrieved from

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Innovation – Apple Company



Business and Finance

Innovation – Apple Company

Apple is one of the leader makers of mobile phone and computer products, the company
has been committed to innovation, to them innovation has been cultural, and a process driven.
The company initially did not have the formal structure of hierarchy when they created their first
product, but only started with few people whose ideas have continued to innovate years on.
Through innovation and efficient business model, the company has created an effective
innovation system to harness creativity, trigger new ideas, streamline the design process and
create innovations that has translated into profits and job creation to thousands of people in the
In the world of technology, Apple is considered as the number one innovative company
globally, with...

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