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Cultural Interview Assignment

Interview someone from a different culture.  You will create a PowerPoint presentation of your findings.

  1. For this assignment, you will Interview a client whose culture is different from yours. The client can be a patient, neighbor, grandparent, in-law, or friend. Do not use your parent, brother, sister, spouse, or significant other. This interview is the basis of your paper. Use the Organizing Framework (12 boxes in Chapter 2) to guide your interview.
  2. Interview your selected person on three or four domains of the model. Complete a literature review of the cultural group from which your interviewee comes. Compare and contrast data obtained from your interview with what you find in the literature. Provide at least two recommendations for clinical practice, two recommendations for research, and two recommendations for the health-care organization on this cultural group; be specific in your recommendations. Value of this exercise to your current or future practice.

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The Purnell Model
for Cultural
Interviewing an
American Indian
Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Domain: Overview, Inhabited
Localities, and Topography
 My interviewee is an American Indian
 There are 566 American Indian Tribes
 More than 150 languages
 Native Americans are allowed to govern
 Indian Health Services provides healthcare

 Many enjoy membership in sovereign Tribal
 Most American Indians are found in Alaska

Interviewee’s Perspective on Overview
 My interviewee is a Cherokee
 There are around 729,533 Cherokee
Native Americans
 She speaks the Iroquoian language
 She is also fluent in English and Spanish
 She was born in Alaska but moved to

 She has enjoyed Indian Health Services

Domain: Commu...

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