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Submit a Word document of your two paragraph written response which could pose questions or thoughts that arise while you are reading. Your questions and commentaries will be used in class for discussions. Some questions to prompt your thinking:

  • What did this reading make you think about?
  • What was compelling about or missing from the writing?
  • Was there something you strongly agreed or disagreed with? Why?
  • What did you learn from the reading?
  • Are there any present-day linkages you thought about?
  • Did the reading inspire any related questions about topics you would like to know more about

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Khaled AlShammari Values in Social Work Social work is described as any undertaking done by trained people to alleviate living conditions of individuals in the society. Among these professionals is the generalist social worker, who analyzes problems that ensue from the interaction between people and their surroundings. Generalist social workers study many places including schools, homes, among other social institutions to solve problems within these setups. In action, the social worker can solve issues to do with domestic violence while working alongside other people, community, or organizations. Solutions these social workers obtain are based on models such as client system model and empowerment that guide them through a process. Seeking the solutions is a practice that involves a process of positive change that embroils planning, assessing the problem, evaluation, and implementing the plan through advocacy (Cox, Tice, & Long, 2016). At present, social works are linked with politics in a way that they work hand in hand with officials elected into the government to solve social work issues. Some social employees are elected due to their past reputations as social workers. Advocacy is seen as an appropriate way to bring social change through social actions. Advocacy aims to meet needs that are absolutes and those that are relative. It calls for professionalism in this area because professional advocates not only do they provide action s that eliminate social issues, but also aid individuals have their rights protected, create opportunities for people and enhance their dignity. These advocates accomplish these by looking at various aspects of the affected people including self-interest, individual benefits against those of the community and society as a whole. Moral ethics are preserved in various interventions the advocates apply to provide resolutions (Cox, Tice, & Long, 2016).
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Khaled AlShammari
Social Work and Criminal Justice
In their work, social workers find themselves dealing with different people one of
them being the stake holders in the criminal jus...

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