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Review the Annual Report or CSR Report of the company that you are studying. Identify areas in the report where they discuss quality. (Copy and paste the document in Word, and search for the word ‘quality’).

See how many times they mentioned quality and for what reasons. More knowledge about the company should help you with your SWOT analysis to determine Strengths and Weaknesses.

Based on what you find in the Annual Report or CSR report on quality practice, use the seven criteria found in the Readings and Resources section of Unit 5 to make an argument about whether the company values quality excellence.

1. Leadership

2. Strategy

3. Customers

4.Measurement,analysis, and ackno 

5. Workforce

6. Operations

7. Results

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CSR report on Walmart

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CSR report on Walmart
Walmart, which is among the giant companies worldwide, has attributed its success by
valuing much on quality excellence. This can be observed from their leadership, customer
satisfaction, strategy, among other criteria discussed below. First, transformational leadership is
termed to significantly impact people's lives and the Walmart leader's society in the leadership
sector. People gain knowledge from their experiences. Walmart put applicants through real-life
situations to test their abilities. This involves front-line store personnel working in real-time in
stores, similar to training with live ammunition. The candidates are well aware that they must get
it correctly.
Second, on Walmart's strategy, every day's Low Price (EDLP) is one of Walmart's most
significant promises to cost management. It has an...

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