Case analyses week 6 Employment Law for Human Resource Practice

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Case Analyses: select TWO court cases (from different chapters) from the list below, and respond in writing to the case questions. The written analysis of both cases should be approximately 2-3 pages total; use parenthetical citations and a corresponding works cited list when referencing specific information from the text or other sources, and follow other prescribed guidelines for APA format.

  • Chao v. Gotham Registry (Ch 12, p 395)
  • Whalen v. J.P. Morgan Chase (Ch 12, p 405)
  • Vehar v. Cole National Group (Ch 12, p 415)
  • Livick v. Gillette (Ch 13, p 430)
  • Battoni v. IBEW Local Union No. 102 Employee Pension Plan (Ch 13, p 435)
  • DiFelice v. U.S. Airways (Ch 13, p 443)
  • MasTec Advanced Technologies (Ch 14, p 466)
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 204 v. NLRB (Ch 14, p 475)
  • NLRB v. Whitesell Corp. (Ch 15, p 490)

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