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Answer each of the following questions in a well-developed essay that shows a clear, concise train of thought with arguments that are informative and based on material you have studied in class. Each essay should be about 3–4 paragraphs in length. A paragraph will normally contain 6–8 sentences. Do not write your essay by trying to fill up the space requirements, nor should you just simply answer the sub-questions. Rather develop and think through an argument that addresses all the questions as well as providing additional supporting material so that your essay is a complete and well-supported idea. This should an academic essay in an expository writing form.


  1. Why is the notion that “Muslims don’t approve of music” problematic? Explain the controversy surrounding Islamic music. Fully explain how Lois Ibsen al-Faruqi has conceptualized music in Islam. Use specific examples from the lectures, class discussions, and readings. (Worth 25 points)
  2. As we read both samba and bossa nova are musical tradtions that became icons of Brazilianess throughout the world. Describe how samba reflects Brazil’s continued struggle with the question of race. How does race tie into national identity? Did bossa nova encounter the same issues surrounding rade? Offer specific information from the readings and lecture material to support your answers. (Worth 25 points)


When you answer questions, always cite examples form the course lectures, videos, and readings. You should not give an opinion that you cannot support with evidence that comes from material you have studied. Please keep this in mind.


  • DUE DATE: Monday, July 31, @ Noon (12:00 pm).
  • To receive credit for the assignment, you must submit your essays as a WORD document, 12-point font, typed and doubled spaced with your NAME on the paper.
  • If it is not submitted as a WORD document, then it will not be graded.

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Critical Essay 3
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Critical Essay 3
Question one

The notion that Muslims do not approve of music is problematic due to the fact that this
is a blanket statement that does not consider various facets of the Islam religion and the very
nature of a human being in which appreciation of music is natural. Additionally, there is a part of
the discussion on the topic where the teachings of the Quran are involved, their interpretation and
the personal opinions of the Muslim believers. To bring out the controversy surrounding the
concept of music in Islam, the aforementioned elements shall be considered one by one. First,
there is the undeniable fact that Muslims are people with feelings and emotions which means that
their bodies respond to music the same way people from other religions do. As a matter of fact,
some of the prophets in the Quran such as David (peace be upon him) were allowed by Allah to
sing and write psalms which are still honored by Muslims today. Additionally, psychologists
have undertaken extensive studies on the human brain and its response to music which show that
it can be instrumental for the well-being of the individual. As a matter of fact, music therapy can
be employed in certain medical, conditions where it helps strengthen a patient’s ability and selfesteem (American Music Therapy Association, 2017). With such benefits and the fact that the
human body seems to respond to music positively and naturally, several people see as absurd to

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