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Mar 4th, 2015

I broke this down into 3 parts for ease of explination

part A)

for the triangles the formula is base (b) times height (h) divided by 2, in other words it should be this (b * h) / 2

we can plug in the base of 440 and the height of 356 like this   (440 * 356) / 2

This will leave us with 156640 / 2

and the the divide by 2 leaves us with 78320

we must remember that there are 4 sides (not including the bottom) on a pyramid and must now multiply by 4 giving us     78320 * 4

this is now 313280

part B)

we now must take care of the base. the formula for this is     b * h

since the bottom of the pyramid is a square the base and height are the same and so the equation is    440*440

this comes out to 193600

part C)

We now add the surface areas of the triangles and squares together   313280 + 193600

and your final answer should be 506880

Mar 4th, 2015

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Mar 4th, 2015
Mar 4th, 2015
Nov 21st, 2017
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