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write a research paper similar to a literature review discussing what information is currently known about your topic. 

Include a discussion of psychological concepts AND key research findings relevant to yourchosen topic. Your incorporation of concepts and research should come from the informationyou find through your reading of scholarly sources and journal articles 

  • Your paper will be organized into three main sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (do
  • not label them as such). Organize your paper according to relevant themes you identified in

your outline 

Include specific examples that support theory and research.

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The Interaction between Mental and Physical Health

The Interaction between Mental and Physical Health
People often think of their minds and bodies as separate. However, mental and physical
health are inherently linked. Poor mental health significantly heightens the likelihood of
developing physical health problems. Similarly, research shows that people with mental health
challenges have a higher likelihood of having preventable physical health conditions such as heart
disease. Nonetheless, extensive works of literature have attempted to determine the interaction
between the two. A majority of these studies have concluded that positive mental health decreases
the probability of suffering from heart attacks and strokes. Several of these studies have also
concluded that improving mental health is key to the improvement of physical health in society.
In this paper, I discuss the information that is currently known about the interaction between mental
and physical health by referencing four scholarly articles.
The relationship between mental health and physical health
Causal pathways explaining the relationship between mental and physical health
Extensive works of literature have confirmed the interaction between mental and physical
health. Choi (2014) for instance, explained this relationship using a model showing the possible
causal pathways that explain this relationship. Type 1 is a model in which mental health affects
physical health, and behavioral factors indirectly affect physical health. Type 2 is a model in which
physical health affects mental health. In this model, behavioral factors are intermediate mediators
that can have an indirect impact. Choi�...

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