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Virtually all of the world’s cultures have defined sacred space for religious purposes, yet the design and appearance of these spaces vary greatly. Choose two specific examples of a sacred space: one, a European example from Chapter 17 of your text; the other a non-Western example from Chapters 18-20 of the text. Please note: A "sacred space" refers to a place - that is, an architectural structure or environment, NOT a painting or sculpture. Compare and contrast Western and non-Western approaches to the design of sacred spaces by describing similarities and/or differences in the relationship between the appearance of each space and its religious function.

Your essay should be approximately 1-2 pages in length and free from grammatical errors. Provide a thesis statement, write in complete sentences, and organize your paper in multiple (at least 2) body paragraphs.

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28 July 2017
Architecture of Sacred Spaces

Despite the different cultures of the world, religious practices have remained to have
important roles in the society. They have been given special consideration and treated as being
part and parcel of the ways of doing things. With the important role they play, special places
have been set aside to e...

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