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Imagine that you are the owner of a retail company that has recently experienced a decline in business due in large part to the poor communication skills of employees. As a result, many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the service they have been receiving. In order to overcome this challenge, you as the owner need to develop a communication plan that will restore customer confidence and improve the communication skills of your employees.

In a 2-page paper, you are to create a customer communication plan that addresses the following:

  • Identify the purpose and goals of the plan. What will this plan accomplish?
  • Describe the specific actions that you will take to improve both company communication with customers and the communication skills of employees. What steps will you take in order to achieve the purpose and goals of the plan?
  • Explain how you will evaluate the success of your plan. What will you measure to ensure that you are making improvements in customer communication?

For this assignment, you may utilize outside resources to help provide ideas for developing a customer communication plan. Be sure to cite any references in APA format.

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Running head: RETAIL COMPANY


Customer communication plan

Communication plan plays a pivotal role in the daily running of a business and therefore
it is important for every organization to have an effective plan in place as a requirement for
doing business successfully (Wayland and Cole, 1997). The main purpose of my business plan
will be;
Regular communication enables not only employees of an organization to be productive
but it also guarantees the success of the business (Griffin, 1998). Since the business is down
because of poor communication skills, all efforts will be channeled towards improving every
employee’s communication skills as the first step in business recovery. My communication plan
will also aim at restoring the business back to its trading position and ...

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