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Your response should be at least 200 words in length for each question. 5. What is knowledge management and what are its primary benefits? 6. What is a reporting application? Name five basic reporting operations. 7. Define business processes, roles, resources, and data flows. 8. Discuss some of the key aspects to developing successful process and systems development projects. 9. Describe a steering committee and explain the CIO's role with regard to it. 10. Describe any four responsibilities of users of information systems. 11. Explain what is meant by denial of service and provide an example to support your answer. 12. Explain the term virus and explain the differences between Trojan horses and worms. Support your answers with examples. ...
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Information Management System




5 Knowledge management and its primary benefits
Literally, knowledge management (KM) is a concept organizing the information of an
organization and the knowledge holistically. However, an in-depth view considers knowledge
management as a process to capture, distribute, using knowledge effectively. It is a discipline
aimed at promoting an integral approach for identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and
sharing the information assets of an enterprise (Thomson, 2015). The arrangement of these
resources assists the enterprises to promote its competitive advantage using available resources.
The benefits of knowledge management include improving the decisions of a company
since there is an elaborative access of necessary expertise and leading practices. There is
increased efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and smart working as there is reduction of
efforts to re-invent new approaches. The documented approaches can be accessed easily. There
is improved innovativeness as the workers employ previous approaches and coming up with new
methods in a wider and a collaborative platform (Sezan, 2011). There is reduced loss related to
expertise by capturing explicit and tacit knowledge. There is fast production with on-work
training facilitated by timely access of the required knowledge. The customers will be satisfied
easily since there is timely services delivery using approved approaches. Knowledge
management promotes quality production as well as an easier route to standardization of
production means.
Reporting application and five basic reporting operations
A reporting application is a BI application that quests for data from a user and perform
operations to produce a business report. The applications are important since the business report



outlines the performance of the firm. A correct report enables the management to identify the
part of the business that needs more resources and attention. With the identification, the
management plans for the improvement of the of all sectors so as to realize the objectives of the
Basic operations are:
Business processes are a network of operations, responsibilities, and all necessary
undertaking that facilitate the realization of the objective or plans of the business. The aim of
carrying out business processes in an organization is get profit. All the activities outlined in a
business plan are carried out as stipulated in the plan. The management of every organization
sets the process important to facilitate the achievement of business objectives. The roles are the
tasks vested on users. Once the processes are determined, the workers have specific roles. The
roles are the duties for every employee. The roles make up the business process and thus they are
vital in achievement of the goals. The management sets the roles of each employee depending on
their qualification and specialization. Therefore, the workers engage in roles that they can do
better. Resources are the requirement for a business process to happen. The resources of a



business include human, asserts, and financial (Thomson, 2015). Human resources are the
workers of the firm, assert are the machines, building, and land. Data flow in a business setting is
the transfer of information from one person to another. The messages may flow from the top
management to the low management or vice versa. Information flow in a business is vital since it
is the channel where commands and complaints get to the right people in the firm.

The Key aspects include:
Creating a Work-Breakdown Structure
The implementation of a project requires that the project managers divide the tasks into
smaller tasks that are manageable and easy to implement. The sub-tasks are presented in a
network showing the relationship between them. After completion of every task, the results are
known as deliverables. Each result of a sub-task leads to the other task and thus making the
whole process related (Sezan, 2011). Therefore, completion of a project or a long task, workbreakdown structure (WBS) is important. WBS is a hierarchy of the activities necessary to
implement a project.
Estimating Time and Costs
It is exceedingly hard to decide span and work prerequisites for some improvement
errands. Associations adopt three strategies to this test. The first is to keep away from the real
calendar dangers and never create frameworks and programming in-house. Rather, they permit
bundles that incorporate both business procedures and data frameworks segments. In the event



that no reasonable bundle exists, organizations can concede the difficulty of frameworks
advancement planning and plan appropriately (Yalagandula, 2014). They put a specific level of
assets into a venture, oversee it as well as can be expected, and take the timetable that outcome.
The thir...

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