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Requirements are credible sources that will support a research paper to support how poverty influences the behaviors of an individual nd the impact.

How does poverty influence the behaviors of an individual and what is the impact on the broader community?

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Running head: The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? 1 The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? Rough Draft ENG122: English Composition II July 31, 2017 The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? Poverty limits the resources needed to live an honest life and is physically demanding on the mind and body due to an increased stress level relating to basic survival skills; poverty impacts society overall as it increases taxes and the crime rate within the poor. Everyone should work together to find a solution to the problem. The effects of poverty on children are long-lasting and can be detrimental to the ability to thrive as adults. A study was conducted around the Mexican border. A 632 participants, a mix of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico were studied to determine how they were specifically affected by poverty mentally and socially (Leiner, Villanos, Puertas, Peinado, Dwivedi, 2015). Inequalities exist between poverty stricken families and those that are born with or have established wealth. Children are able to identify what poverty is and how it affects their life as a child and as a responsible adult. (Heberle, Carter, 2015) Families who live in poverty stricken areas has a higher chance of being exposed to violence and criminal activities. Since living conditions are poor, some children learn at a young age that they must find a quick way to provide for their family. Some affects to poverty include dropping out of school to work a minimum wage job, resorting to a life of crime or drug use and depression. As children are raised, they are able to see how their parents adapt to certain circumstances that arise. This will teach these children ways to adapt to their life or how to escape life. Poverty stricken children may have to do without new school clothes or a hot meal or breakfast before school. If children do not have a good bath before school this could cause hygiene issues. These circumstances may cause other children to bully and tease them because they are looked upon as less than. This can cause mental, emotional and social issues. The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? Poverty has lasting effects on children and create a dependency behaviors due to the need to cope with stress, battle learning disabilities, and lack of nutrients and sleep when they become adults. Drug and alcohol influences present in their surroundings do not create stable living conditions for a child. Limited access to resources needed to create a healthy, positive lifestyle will increase your likeliness to a life filled with crime, mental and health issues. Programs geared towards rehabilitating adults that were raised in the same circumstances as they were children has the capability of improving overall home environments. For over three decades research has been conducted to examine how programs, grants and loans have direct and indirect effects on low income regions. Creating government funding programs that target health and education positively affect economic growth. Analysts have determined that state government funding will be correlated with a positive increase in earnings. Some may argue that poverty stricken children are responsible for the outcomes of their own live as adults and everyone that has experienced poverty have not continued to raise families in the same environment. Although there are some children that grow up to be within the middle to upper class, there are also children that have suffered from mental health issues at a young age which affected their ability to thrive as adults. They do not possess the right education, and social skills to understand their worth. Society needs to come together to create a solution to balance out the effects of poverty. A strategy needs to be created that will balance out the poverty issues in America. As citizens it is their responsibility to be their brother’s keeper. The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? America is one of the richest nations in the world and could financially provide the support needed to demolish poverty. The upper class citizens can donate a percentage of their earnings to specifically fund poverty stricken areas. Government agencies can also provide regulations to ensure this is enforced. Doing so will start to balance out the drastic difference between poverty areas and the rich-red tape areas. Since poverty limits the resources needed to live an honest life and is physically demanding on the mind and body due to increased stress. This causes crime to be born within certain parts of the area. In the end who is responsible for this chain reaction? The government and those that live a high class lifestyle should work together to find a solution to the problem to make America a better place to live and eliminate class. The effects of poverty: Who should create a solution? Reference Chappell, M. (2011). Why America Lost the War on Poverty - And How to Win It, by Frank Stricker. 52(2), 240-242. doi:10.1080/0023656X.2011.571485 Heberle, A. E., & Carter, A. S. (2015). Cognitive aspects of young children’s experience of economic disadvantage. Psychological Bulletin, 141(4), 723-746. doi:10.1037/bul0000010 Leiner, M., Theresa Villanos, M., Puertas, H., Peinado, J., Ávila, C., & Dwivedi, A. (2015). Jung, S., Cho, S., & Roberts, R. K. (2015). The impact of government funding of poverty reduction programmes. Papers In Regional Science, 94(3), 653. doi:10.1111/pirs.12089 Spriggs, W. E. (2006). Poverty in America: The Poor are Getting Poorer. Crisis (15591573), 113(1), 14-19. ...
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