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Choose 1 organizations (large Or small) and create the 3 (Level Diagnostic Model) of each organization.

Large Organization:

Organization level:

Group level:

Individual level:


  1. Small Organization:

Organization level:

  1. Group level:
  2. Individual level:

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Large Organization Three Level Diagnostic Model
The large organization to be used in conducting a three level diagnostic model will be Toyota
Motors. Since Toyota is a large organization impacted by external forces from the
environment it operates, it is viewed as an open system. Toyota Motors is a Japanese
company specializing in automotive manufacture and is headquartered in Aichi Japan.

Organization Level
Analysis of the organizational level takes place in three distinctive phases namely
input, output and the system design.
At Toyota, inputs include raw material supplies and labour. Raw materials at Toyota
are in the form of components for the various car parts. Labour is also an input in the
organization due to its role in facilitating vehicle assembly.
The system design at Toyota Motors is the lean manufacturing system. The Lean
system design focuses on the Jidoka philosophy in ensuring efficient and swift production of
vehicles. The lean system of design at Toyota uses “a demand pull supply chain” and
“automation with a human touch” to minimize production costs and maximize production...

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