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Write a brief response to these questions. APA format, Just answer them as if it was your homework. No word count, just complete answers. Tell me some movies you would refer to and I will tell you if I have seen them. Need it done by tomorrow around 3:00pm, which is 23 hrs from now.

    What value, outside of entertainment value, do films have? What is the value of studying film?

    How do you think noticing details of a film and analyzing film components assists you in the development of critical thinking skills?

    What do you think constitutes a great film? Would you consider any of the films you have recently watched to be great? Why or why not?

    Are there movies that you return to, as if listening to an album again after a long time? How did your perception of the film change? What did you notice that you had not noticed before?


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Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.