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How is Barton doing after 3 months as CIO?  What is your assessment of his performance?

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Barton is doing better than I had originally expected him to do now that it has been 3 months. Barton has been getting a lot of praise for his goal setting and attempted restructure of the IT project process. The mishap with the potential security  reach does ultimately fall under Barton's responsibilities', but Barton has not had enough time to implement John Cho's proposed security loop hole closure project. The call center going down is obviously not desirable, but mistakes do happen. In time, Barton can implement procedures to reduce the amount of server shutdowns. This one event could have been a lot worse and as I read further, it may turn out that customer data was stolen. However, Barton had very little time in his new position to prevent something like this from happening. The call center shutdown was a result or lack there of from the previous CIO. Aside from the call center shutdown, Barton's performance has been excellent. He is showing innovative ideas through drive and taking the initiatives. He looked for input regarding the IT budget from multiple people, including his girlfriend and then made a final decision when he presented it at the directors meeting. Barton will likely continue his progress towards a more involved and integrated IT department. Barton wants and will continue to do what Davies couldn't, take control and drive the important IT initiatives, even when there is no direct customer benefit. The benefits may be to close security flaws or loopholes that will prevent future mishaps.

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