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Whay do you think Davies was fired?  How likely is it that Barton will be fired within the year?

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After reading a good way into The Adventures of an IT Leader, it appears that Davies was never going to be a good fit for the CIO position. The opinions of the CEO and of Barton, clearly indicated that Davies was simply unable to developer implement solutions that would correct the IT departments' benefits'. Barton was one of those who was most concerned with Davies lack of progress within the IT department. Davies solutions were not working and Carl wanted to try a new approach. Davies may have had a certain set of skills on paper, but Carl most likely saw the soft skills he thought to be necessary in Barton. Looking at Davies reaction when Barton encounters him on a jog, you can see the lack of CIO personality and distaste for Barton.

I think it is very unlikely that Barton will be fired within one year. He is new to the position and has accepted it. He was determined in the Loan Operations department and will remain just as determined in this new position. Carl clearly thinks Barton is right for this job and there is no reason to doubt his judgment. Barton's track record of success in the Loan Operations department is a good precedent to what he is capable of in the future. After initial anger, Barton has taken to this position eagerly. He is currently trying different approaches to get ahead. I am currently reading about his endeavors trying to learn a vast amount of IT knowledge through text books. He is not sure where to start, but at least he is trying.

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