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Name _________________________________ I.D. Number ____________________ Unit 5 Evaluation Evaluation 5 Second Year Spanish (SPNH 002 059) This evaluation will cover the lessons in this unit. It is open book, meaning you can use your textbook, syllabus, and other course materials. You will need to understand, analyze, and apply the information you have learned in order to answer the questions correctly. To submit this evaluation, follow the directions in your online course. Parte 1 Choose either ser or estar for each of the following situations. a. ser b. estar _____ 1 nationality _____ 2. location _____ 3. physical description _____ 4. time _____ 5. emotion Parte 2 Choose the correct time for the following clocks. _____ 6:45 6. a. Son las seis menos cuatro. b. Son las siete menos cuarto. c. Son las siete menos cuatro. Unit 5 Evaluation 811 SPNH 002 _____ 12:50 7. a. Son las doce menos diez. b. Son las dos menos diez. c. Es la una menos diez. _____ 1:12 8. a. Es la una y dos. b. Es la una y diez. c. Es la una y doce. Parte 3 Choose the correct way to write out each of the following numbers. _____ 9. 1 million people a. una mil b. un millón _____ 10. 100 houses a. cienta b. cien _____ 11. 1 fish a. un b. uno _____ 12. 200 cities a. doscientas b. doscientos Unit 5 Evaluation 812 SPNH 002 Parte 4 Choose the correct demonstrative adjective for each underlined word or phrase. _____ 13. This one is my car. a. Éste b. Aquel c. Esta _____ 14. Who’s that girl? a. aquel b. eso c. esa _____ 15. Do you want those books over there? a. esos b. estos c. aquellos Parte 5 Choose between saber and conocer to complete the following sentences. _____ 16. Yo _____ cocinar la paella. a. saber b. conocer _____ 17. Los niños mexicanos _____ la historia de Jesuchristo. a. saber b. conocer _____ 18. ¿_____ el precio de la blusa? a. saber b. conocer _____ 19. La guía _____ bien Madrid. a. saber b. conocer Unit 5 Evaluation 813 SPNH 002 _____ 20. ¿_____ a los estudiantes de España? a. saber b. conocer Parte 6 Locate four of the five following countries on the map of South America. (One of the locations is not marked.) _____ 21. a. el Uruguay b. el Paraguay _____ 22. c. Venezuela _____ 23. d. el Ecuador _____ 24. e. Bolivia Locate four of the five following cities on the map of South America. (One of the locations is not marked.) _____ 25. a. Santiago b. Buenos Aires _____ 26. c. Asunción _____ 27. d. Quito _____ 28. e. Lima Unit 5 Evaluation 814 SPNH 002 Parte 7 Choose the correct category for each of the following verbs in the present tense. a. eie _____ 29. preferir b. ei _____ 30. vender c. oue _____ 31. devolver d. regular _____ 32. pedir e. irregular _____ 33. poder _____ 34. seguir _____ 35. perder _____ 36. ir Parte 8 Choose the endings for each of the following verbs that correctly completes the sentence in the preterite tense. a. ió _____ 37. Yo abr_ las ventanas ayer. _____ 38. Él vi_ a su amigo en la tienda. _____ 39. Ella anduv_ a la tienda ayer. b. é c. ó d. í _____ 40. María volv_ a la casa a las siete. e. o _____ 41. Juan no habl_ mucho. Unit 5 Evaluation 815 SPNH 002 Parte 9 Choose the correct form of each of the following underlined adjectives. _____ 42. a great person a. primera b. grande c. gran _____ 43. some books a. algún b. ningunos c. algunos _____ 44. the third car a. terceros b. tercer c. terceras Parte 10 Choose the item that does not belong in each group. _____ 45. Which of the following items does not belong (in meaning)? a. las mañanas b. las uvas c. las fresas d. las piñas _____ 46. Which of the following items does not belong (in meaning)? a. la chuleta b. la taza c. el plato d. el vaso Unit 5 Evaluation 816 SPNH 002 _____ 47. Which of the following items does not belong (in meaning)? a. el pollo b. el rosbíf c. el pescado d. el pez _____ 48. Which of the following items does not belong (grammatically)? a. éste b. está c. esta d. esto _____ 49. Which of the following items does not belong (grammatically)? a. estar b. poner c. tener d. andar _____ 50. Which of the following items does not belong (grammatically)? a. empezar b. pensar c. recordar d. sentir Carefully check your answers on this evaluation and make any corrections you feel are necessary. When you are satisfied that you have answered the questions to the best of your ability, transfer your answers to an answer sheet. Please refer to the information sheet that came with your course materials. Unit 5 Evaluation 817 SPNH 002 BLANK PAGE Unit 5 Evaluation 818 SPNH 002 ...
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