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Assignment Instructions You will create a PowerPoint presentation which will be comprised of seven slides. That will cover the areas listed below. Be sure to explain how you look at: 1. Cover page that includes assignment title, your name, course, section number, and date 2. Lifelong professionalism and how you will maintain your image 3. Short-term goals (following the SMART method) and how you will develop a plan to meet them 4. Long-term goals (following the SMART method) and how you will develop a plan to meet them 5. Education plans to maintain your marketability 6. Budgeting plan to cover education and career marketability needs 7. Reference Slide Assignment Format • • • • PowerPoint Presentation with seven slides Notes for the content slides (Slides 2 through 6) should include speaker notes at the bottom of the slide Brief points should be included on the slide and detailed explanations for each point should be shared in the speaker notes of the slide Identify the source of any pictures you use ******I have chosen a Social Worker/Counselor for this assignment but if this will not work for you I am open to other suggestion for this assignment.
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Lifelong professionalism
Section number:

Lifelong professionalism

Life long professionalism is the
systematic improvement and
maintenance of an individual's
professional skills, knowledge
and abilities through ones
professional career or working

maintaining your image
❖ Dress Professionally
❖ Building strong relationship/rapport that build respect and uphold
your professional image
❖ ...

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