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Digital Source Reflection: 1-2 pages. Try to find a digital primary source related to Black radicalism/ The Black Panther Party/ Third World Revolution/ Black activism and/or the New Left in California. Note: if you already know exactly what you want to write about for a final paper (even though we have not discussed it yet! And you really want to find a primary source related to that subject—just let me know). Either copy and paste the source itself or a link to the source and then do the following: 1. Provide the bibliographic information a. What is it/ Who wrote it/ made it/ recorded it? When did they write/make it? Was it published? Who/ what audience was it written/made for? 2. Summary a. What does it tell you? Can you summarize the document in 2-3 sentences? b. How does it connect to the historical material with which we have engaged in this class? (2-3 sentences) 3. What does the document tell us? a. In 4-6 sentences (roughly a normal paragraph) What can you learn from this document? What historical questions can you try to answer using this source? What evidence does it provide? What does it tell us about the history of the period? How does it fit in (or how does it push back against) your understanding o the topic? b. And (1-3 sentences) is it reliable? Why or why not? No research relies on just one source, so what other sources/ types of sources might you need to look at to get a better understanding of the topic? This is something of a practice assignment, as you will need to find primary sources for your final paper. You will still get full credit (10 points) if I don’t think the source really works as long as you go through the exercise and try to address most/ all of the questions above. Places you can search: Freedom Archives California Libraries Collection SF State Strike Collection Black Panther Party newspaper archives
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It is noted that the founders of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale claim it was only a fourpage newsletter in 1967. The Black Panther was the Black Panther Coalition's official publication.
It quickly became popular in major cities across the United States, and it has since become a
worldwide phenomenon. Some...

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