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Chan Tai Man Tony




Fintech & Career Opportunities in Banking

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This report aims to break down Fintech and possible career opportunities in the banking
sector. For the monumental Fintech and career in banking talk, two key speakers were
selected to help guide the listeners on the course of the event for this talk.
Session Speakers. The two selected speakers were Mr Philip Kam and Mr Michael
Leung. Critically looking at the speakers of this session, both of them are highly
acclaimed and qualified to give talks on these topics. The speeches that were given
highlighted the benefits Fintech offers to the banking industry. As a listener, the
presentation was an eye-opener to students aspiring to have successful careers in the
banking and fintech sector. Besides having skills, it would be important for excellent
career development if prospective future banks developed good character, maintained
high professionalism, and remained committed and hard workers. The banking sector is
not left behind with big things already opening up through Fintech.


Seminar Content
The Speakers
Michael Leung
Starting things off on the talk is Mr Michael Leung, distinguished in the Finance
and banking sector with a medal of honour to back this; Mr Michael also serves as the
president and Chief Executive Officer to the Eurasia Commercial Bank. Mr Michael also
boasts of several years having served in significant Banking institutes within Hong Kong;
the institutes include HK computer society, Hong Kong Institute of Directors, and Hong
Kong Senior Executive Association.
Philip Kam
The Second major keynote speaker of the session was Mr Philip Kam, who, Like
Mr Michael Leung, boasts of a long career spanning decades in the financial and banking
sector. Currently, Mr Philip Kam serves in Hong Kong's Institute of banking as the lead
marketer and talent recruitment within the region. Besides spearheading key marketing
and fintech campaigns, Mr Philip Kam boasts of over 25 years, diligently delegating his
duties as a corporate and investment banker within Asia and North America. Mr Philip
also has a wealth of knowledge, having been trained At the University of Toronto.
Based on the backgrounds of these two speakers, it is evident that they are both
highly trained, highly experienced, and well versed in talking about t fintech and its
resultant career opportunities. The speakers pose several rhetorical questions that invoke
profound emotion, especially in the banking sector, coupled with the limitless

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