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Instructor wrote what are your thoughts regarding whether the Chief of Police should be held accountable for the misbehavior of their officers? Is there a limit to what the Chief should be held accountable for?

The police are thinking about the many challenges they face in the world today.  Over one hundred years ago the men and woman in blue had exercises to help prepare them for new problems, and also to help them improve their ability to carry out these exercises. According to Tonita Murray – Director Canadian Police College , Rockcliffe , Ontario,

The demands on police are constant, compelling and often competing, so it is not always clear how police skills and resources can best be deployed to achieve the civility, order and security which society requires. If all their modern skills, resources and good intentions are not to be stretched too thinly and rendered ineffectual, police must be able to cut through the tangle of issues to focus on what is important (para. 2).


Murray, T. (n.d.). Police and the challenge of the 21st century: managing change

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