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Perils of the Police Chief

Identify the options that communities have regarding the influence, support, or removal of a politically appointed Police Chief. How influential can the community, labor union, or political leadership be in supporting a chief who is under fire by opposition supporters? Conduct research and cite an example that is not included in the assigned readings.  


In Lincolns Gettysburg Address he started that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, this idea was pulled from the declaration of independence and other philosopher from the 17th century Hobbs and Lock. This philosophy ties in to the subject of appointed officials, for example a police chief. Police chiefs are usually appointed by a politician, for the reason of serving the public. Therefore is the public on a large enough scale doesn’t approve of the current official it is the right of the people to demand a dismissal of the current chief.  

How is this done, well every American citizen has the right guaranteed to them by the first amendment to legally protest and publically voice concern for the issue at hand. By voicing concerns and creating a media frenzy, about the outrage of an ill appointed police chief. The political leaders will respond accordingly. I believe on of the biggest and strongest ways to change is an assembled public group. However this group must be able to articulate their concerns on to a unified expression of discontent, with the current standings of the elected official. This is because community leaders deal with many complaints and many diverse issues it can often be to time consuming or too trace these issue to the core. But with a unified approach the community is doing what communities have done in the past and changed their government.  

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