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Assume that you have recently been promoted to an upper-level sales management position. The new North America Director of B2B sales has informed you that the U.S. regional department is being restructured to support the recent company expansion. Your sales management department has the added responsibilities of hiring additional staff and will require training for new and current employees. The CEO’s mission is to create more customer value, increase sales productivity, and improve sales leadership, using ethical practices. Your sales director wants to improve the U.S. sales territory strategies, salesforce performance appraisal methods, and apply the trust-based selling process. Your task is to prepare a proposal to be delivered to the Board of Directors, regarding how this restructure will be designed and implemented.

You may choose to use Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, or FedEx, as the context for this assignment. As an alternative, you select another company with instructor approval.

Create a 1,600-word proposal explaining your recommendations using the Sales Management Process:

  • Company and Industry Background: Describes the context in which the sales function operates. Includes brief company history, a description of company objectives, management philosophy, strategy, etc. You must do a library search on the industry and company and present an original strategy overview relevant to the sales position (in other words, identify key marketing strategies and the role of personal selling within them).
  • Description of the Sales Management Department Positions: Provide background information as to the qualifications of each of the following positions:
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Training Manager
  • District Sales Managers
  • B2B Salespeople
  • Sales Support
    • Sales Planning and Forecasting: How often will the department plan their sales forecast, how will it be used in the day-to-day operations, and what forecasting tools are used?
    • Organization of the Sales Function: Defines the position and role of the sales function within the organization. Includes a description of job responsibilities, lines of communication, territory division, account management practices, and assignment. An organizational chart-included in the report or in the appendix-is helpful for presenting this information.
    • Recruiting and Selection: Who performs the recruiting function, how are candidates identified, what selection procedures are used, what training programs do new recruits participate in, who conducts the training sessions?
    • Training Program: Design a training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees
    • Compensation and Incentives: How will the salesforce be paid, what compensation methods are used, what methods of motivation do you suggest the firm use, what rewards are given, etc.?
    • Sales expenses: What expenses will the firm cover (auto, meals, hotels, office equipment, and supplies)
    • Territory Assignments: How will the sales territories and quotas be assigned?
    • Performance Appraisals: Methods for evaluating employee and team performance, including a progressive discipline process. How often, who performs them, what is the impact on compensation as a result of the performance appraisal?
    • Sales Leadership Strategies: Provide your recommended leadership styles and strategies for promoting ethical behavior using a Biblical worldview.
  • Your research must also include at least 3 additional academic (e.g., journal articles) resources in addition to your textbook to support your conclusions).

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    FedEx Marketing Proposal
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    FedEx Marketing Proposal
    Company Background
    FedEx Corporation, which was initially known as Federal Express Corporation and later
    FDX Corporation, is an American multinational investment holding company based in Memphis,
    Tennessee that focuses on transportation, e-commerce, and services. Its name "FedEx" is a
    syllabic abbreviated form of the company's initial air division, FedEx Express, which was used
    from 1973 to 2000 (Freitas, 2021). FedEx is best known today for its air delivery company,
    FedEx Express, that also was among the first commercial shipping companies offering delivery
    service as a premier service. FedEx has since launched FedEx Ground, FedEx Office (initially
    called as Kinko's), FedEx Supply Chain, FedEx Freight, and a variety of other services through
    its various subsidiaries, often in response to its main competitor, UPS.
    Our company benefits from FedEx's strategy of competing collectively, operating
    collaboratively, and innovating digitally. Our diverse service portfolio enables us to meet the
    needs of our customers, the majority of whom utilize services from two or so of our operating
    companies. FedEx has expanded dramatically since its first early evening of operation in 1973.
    FedEx now serves over 200 countries and is constantly innovating around the world (Marafona,
    2021). FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, FedEx ground and FedEx Services all have revenue
    segments. Other and demotions include revenue from FedEx office, FedEx Logistics, and Shop
    Runner, Inc. (beginning December 23, 2020). FedEx, the leading logistics/delivery company,
    divides the market into groups of customers who have similar and desires using psychographic
    and demographic differentiation strategy.


    FedEx employs differentiated targeting strategies because it serves customers from
    various segments. It employs price-based brand positioning to target a specific customer segment
    with their valued services. “To create mutually rewarding relationships with its staff, partners,
    and suppliers," is the FedEx company mission.
    Description of the sales management
    Regional sales manager
    The FedEx regional sales manager will be in charge of the company’s regional sales
    duties. In addition, the below functions shall be discharged by this officer while in office. The
    overall responsibility of the FedEx corporation regional sales manager will be to empower the
    selling of products of the company by maintaining and expanding client base and managing staff.
    Recruits, selects, orients, trains, assigns, schedules, coaches, counsels, and discipline staff in
    assigned districts to achieve regional sales human capital objectives.
    The Regional Sales Manager will be in charge of supervising the daily and long-term
    processes of our company's stores in the prescribed geographical region. As a Regional Sales
    Manager, he will frequently be in charge of setting and making adjustments sales goals based on
    a thorough knowledge of specific store selling patterns. He/she will also be in charge of
    supervising the instruction of managers and management staff in the region he or she is in charge
    Sales Training Manager
    The FedEx Company sales training manager is accountable for determining training
    needs by studying the company's sales and marketing strategic plans as well as current sales
    results. The manager will be responsible for conferring with sales executives, reviewing results


    of instructor coaching, and evaluating training effectiveness in order to function effectively. The
    Sales Training Manager will collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to recruit, hire, and
    train high-performing salespeople. According the needs of the company, this position entails
    management and control and working more closely with sales team to meet sales and marketing
    To accomplish this, company-specific training programs must be developed, written, and
    published in order to enable goals and help salespeople. To demonstrate the effectiveness of
    these processes, the sales enablement manager will be anticipated to analyze and gather data on
    instructional process and salesperson performance.
    District Sales Manager
    Our company will hire district sales managers to lead sales force and make sure that
    company’s sales goals are accomplished. They will be in charge of hiring and training
    salespeople, as well as managing district sales activities and evaluating employees. The officer
    will also be in charge of the duties and responsibilities listed below.
    Sales representatives and finance professionals will be recruited, trained develop and
    maintain strong relationships with both current and prospective customers, regularly providing
    feedback to the geographic sales manager on the company's marketing development needs, as
    well as goes on sale (Roadshow, 2019).They will also be responsible for Creating and
    implementing effective selling strategies to increase company sales and profitability, conducting
    performance appraisal and making suggestions for improvements as needed. He will also Market
    trends, competitor sales, and consumer needs are all researched and monitored.


    To be considered for the position of ...

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