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In my previous place of employment at Watsons Furniture and Appliance artificial intelligence could be a key stepping stone in the improvement of sales. At Watson’s Furniture and Appliance we preach to be the small town place to go for any home accessory needs. We always guarantee to undercut lowes and supply you with an affordable price that helps get you into whatever it is you may need. In the appliance department a frequently asked question is the longevity of the product we are selling and how reliable this model of appliance the customer is interested in with regards to the appliance they recently had that put them in the situation to purchase a newer one. Artificial intelligence would allow us as a company to provide factual numbers to show the customers the quality of the product. At watsons we do our own repairs on the product so with artificial intelligence it will allow me to show them that certain products seem to be having more service calls on them showing that maybe the product they are looking for is not as well put together as another appliance I may have in store. Marketing will become a key aspect with us being located in a very small town, word of mouth advertising is crucial and in today's day and time social media ads will help increase the likelihood of a customer choosing to shop with the small town business who promotes their one on one experience with customers rather than the big time company who is not as personable with their customers. In the harvard business article it talked about how a specific goal for artificial intelligence is data driven decisions.(Thomas Davenport 2019). With my experience with working at Watsons I have dealt with customers who are frustrated with how the last appliance performed and come in with a blank check to spend the money on the most reliable appliance I have. These numbers I can provide them will crucially help customers of that aspect. “AI will help your sales company keep track of sales performance and optimize the prices of products and deals according to the market trends.”(Greg McBeth 2021). This piece of information sets up new ways to track new trends in what it is our customers are wanting out of new appliances. With artificial intelligence we can now track details down to the finish color of appliances that most people are wanting in this new era of technology.


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Thomas H. Davenport (2019, October ).Building a Culture That Embraces Data and AI. Harvard Business Publishing Education.

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Hello. It is interesting to go through your comprehensive discussion. The post on
artificial intelligence and its use in Watson's Furniture and Appliance was great. I agree with you
on the significance of using this technology and the many benefits that it has caused all over the
continent. Artificial intelligen...

Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.


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