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See attached document relating to assignment. You must pretend you are a psychiatrist with a patient suffering from stress. Read the background on the patient and the criteria for the assignment. This has to be a well done one-page report, original work, which completes all tasks of assignment. This is an important grade.

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Let's pretend for this exercise you are a psychiatrist who has a patient that is having some problems. Jim Jim is a 35 year old male, who is married and has one child. He enjoys weight lifting, playing poker, racquetball, and riding quads. Jim Jim hasn't had time to do any of the activities lately and has been feeling down. Jim Jim has come to you for help. He is suffering from anxiety, depression, weight gain, and has been binge drinking as of late. In your evaluation of the patient you discovered that Jim Jim has recently been fired from his job and his wife is threatening to leave him, if he doesn't find a job soon. Being as wise as you are, you come to the conclusion that Jim Jim is under a lot of stress, and this is the root to his problems. For this project, your job is to take all the information about Jim Jim and his symptoms and come up with a daily routine for a whole week to help Jim Jim cope with his stress. Write a minimum one-page report about Jim Jim. In this report, do the following: Identify what stress and stressors Jim Jim is experiencing, what the causes of distress and eustress might be for Jim Jim, and what negative side affects Jim Jim may suffer from if he doesn't do something to manage his stress. • Create a daily routine for a whole week to he p Jim Jim relieve his stress. Describe in detail how each activity or stress-re leving technique can help him relieve stress. Some students find it easiest to make a table or bulled list with the days of the week and times specified for each activity in the routine, to make sure they are being thorough, if an activity is repeated, you only have to describe the activity once. • Example activity in the routine, to make sure they are being thorough. If an activity is repeated, yo have to describe the activity once. • Example: Monday: • 7 AM to 9 AM: Do Specific Activity. (This will help Jim Jim because...) • 9 AM to 12 PM: Do Specific Activity. (This will help Jim Jim because...) o etc. • Tuesday • (Continue describing the routine for the whole week.) • Describe how Jim Jim could have avoided stress and how he can prevent stress from overwhelming him again. Submit your report in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format mat - Table - Tools - 33 E- E - 33
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