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Both assignments need title page, conclusion,and reference page in APA format

Assignment1: After completing the review of the Power point notes for this week, complete the assignment questions at the end. USE APA formats and use at least 3-5 scholarly references and citations for each assignment.open power point attachment

Assignment #2
After reading this case study, answer the questions following:

Due to the increased volume of patients, a 75-minute pre-operative class has been planned for the Joint Replacement Center for patients scheduled for knee replacement surgery. This will replace individual pre-operative teaching, and will take place the evening before admission for surgery. Past experience with individuals leads the nurse educator to expect motivated, attentive, moderately anxious participants.

The target audience will be primarily over 60 years old, have regular access to health care, and no other health problems severe enough to rule out the surgery. Occasionally, obesity and diabetes join the primary diagnosis of arthritis.

The class will consist of a PowerPoint lecture created by the nurse on the topics of: pre-operative preparation, pain control, infection, anticoagulation therapy, incentive spirometry, physical therapy, dietary changes for weight reduction, and discharge planning.

In addition, an invited speaker who has undergone the procedure will be invited to discuss the recovery period. Models of the knee joint will be used to demonstrate lecture points. A patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump will be available for simulated use. Booklets from the manufacturers of anticoagulants will be given out.

Outcomes of class attendance are expected to be effective use of pain control measures, participation in physical therapy exercises and respiratory toilet, performance of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) prevention exercises, and freedom from operative site infection at follow-up.

A. Critique the PowerPoint lecture for length and completeness of content. open same attachment

B. What additional teaching materials (beyond the knee model, the booklets, and the PCA pump) would add to the quality of this course?

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Diary of a mad nurse educator Lesson 5 1 Factors in Selection of Instructional Methods  What are the predetermined objectives?  What are the characteristics of the targeted audience?  What resources are available?  What are the teacher’s strengths and limitations? 2 Active Learning  Active learning refers to techniques where students do more than simply listen to a lecture. Students are DOING something including discovering, processing, and applying information. Active learning "derives from two basic assumptions: (1) that learning is by nature an active endeavor and (2) that different people learn in different ways" (Meyers and Jones, 1993). 3 Opening Question: Take a moment to reflect on your experience. Come up with a positive and a negative example. 4 Introductory Think-Pair Think of what you know about active learning strategies. Turn to a partner and share your knowledge. Do you have anything to share with the class? 5 Focused Listing Take out a sheet of paper and list as many characteristics of good lecturing as you can. 6 Brainstorm What do you know about the ways students learn? Start with your clearest thoughts and then move on to those that are kind of out there! 7 Questions? 8 9 Think-Pair-Share Think about how you might use active learning strategies in your lectures. Turn to a partner and discuss. Share your findings with the large group. 10 NOTE CHECK Take a few minutes to compare notes with a partner: Summarize the most important information. Identify (and clarify if possible) any sticking points. 11 Question and Answer Pai Take a minute to come up with one question. Then, see if you can stump your partner! 12 Two Minute Paper Summarize the most important points in today’s lecture. 13 If you could ask one last ques what would it be? 14 One Final Question . . Which of the strategies we’ve covered would you like to try in your own classes? 15 References Bonwell, C., & Eison, J. (1991). Active learning: Creating excitement in the classroom . ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. 1. Washington, DC: The George Washington University, School of Education and Human Development. Center for Teaching and Learning. University Office Plaza, Suite 400, 2221 University Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414. http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/teachlearn/tutorials/powerpoint/ learning/index.html 16 References Meyers, C., & Jones, T. (1993). Promoting active learning: Strategies for the college classroom . San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers. McKinney, K. (2011) Active Learning, Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology Instructional Technology & Development Center.Illinois State University. http://www.cat.ilstu.edu/additional/tips/newActive.php 17
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Nurse Educator
Assignment 1

Summary of the Important Points in the Lecture


Active Learning Strategies for my Class


Assignment 2


Critique of Lecture Material


Recommended Additional Teaching Materials for the Class



Running head: NURSE EDUCATOR


Nurse Educator


Nurse Educator
Assignment 1

Learning is pleasurable and designed to equip the learner with the information to explore
not only the present domain but the future ones that are important for development. It is the
platform for acquiring a lot of ideas that result in the good ones that would enhance the
intellectual and moral development of the learner. Traditionally, instructional delivery is
characterized by the use of long lectures and presentations that in most cases are unsuitable or
inadequate to achieve the purpose of learning. It is common to notice students daydreaming or
busy with their devices and gadgets in the classroom even when the class room management skill
of the instructor is excellent. In contrast, current methods of teaching are achieving a greater
level of student participation in the classroom due to the techniques used by the instructor engage
them in active learning. These effective instructional delivery approaches are being introduced
into nursing education and adopted by educators to teach their trainee nursing practitioners or the
patients that require education on the treatment procedure that would be used to ameliorate the
medical condition. While it is the responsibility of the nurse educator to select the right
instructional method for the target audience, the active participation of the students or patients
would be valuable for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the process.
Summary of the Important Points in the Lecture
The diary of the mad nurse educator is a presentation on the approaches that can be used
by instructors for the delivery of the lecture. It was a lecture with clear learning objectives that
served as a guide to the educator regarding what is to be accomplished in the class. The key point



of this preparatory stage of the presentation was the identification of the factors that are used for
selecting the right instructional method. These criteria include the predetermined objectives of
the lecture,...

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