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d. While answering these questions and dringene no process to arrive an effective design 12. In many cases, the results of an experiment must be called from botary to feld Experiment Design: Problem Statement Your firm (group) is the Geomechanics consultant for a project in a very and highland of the Mojave Desert, where the water table is located 20 meters below the ground surface. The project involves (1) the placement of a 2 meter high fill unit weight 15 kN/m) on the ground surface, followed by (2) flooding of the site The site is undertain by several layers of sand, all of which have dry unit weight 18 kN/m' and saturated unit weight - 20 kN/m'. One sand layer is concerning as it possesses potentially soluble grains. That is, there is a concern that the soluble grains will dissolve upon site flooding, and that this will lead to large settlements. This troubling layer is two meters thick, the top of the layer is located at the ground surface. Samples of this soluble sandy soil have been obtained from the site, Your job is to (1) predict the settlement 6 (in cm) that the 2- meter layer will suffer upon flooding, and (2), estimate how long time to the layer will take to settle 90% of the total settlement. In order to calculate 5 and you need to know the dissolution-borne deformation properties of the soil Notes: 1 Flooding generally occurs by are in the water table, not by water "Falling' on the ground surface 2. In the problem statement above, flooding the site means that the water table will rise to the interface between the initial ground surface and the fill Report: Experiment Design PROPOSAL 3. Introduction a. Short paragraph describing the purpose of the experiment. 4. Apparatus a. Set of illustrations of the proposed apparatus. Make sure that the illustrations are drawn to scale and labeled with dimensions. b. In a table, show a list of potential problems (see **note** on page 51 of ths Reader) associated with the apparatus and the selected method/way to solve each. 5. Measurement system a. Details of the measurement system (also include an illustration). Provide resolution and expected sampling rate. b. In a table, show a list of potential problems (see **note** on page 51 of ths Reader) associated with the measurement system and the selected method/way to solve each. 6. Procedure a. Bullet list of the steps anticipated for the experiment. b. In a table, show a list of potential problems (see **note** on page 51 of ths Reader) associated with the procedure and the selected method/way to solve each. 7. Results: Experiment a. Very neat drawing of the results (a plot) anticipated. Label both axes, include units and scale limits for both axes. Use a ruler. 8. Results: Prediction of field performance a. Use the anticipated results (in section #5 above) to calculate the field deformation in mm. b. Use the anticipated results (in section #5 above) to calculate the time required for 90% of the settlement to take place. 9. Cited References (list them). You must have at least 3. 10. Hand and spreadsheet calculations. **note** By potential problems, we refer to system problems, not human problems. For example, one may be tempted to list this as an anticipated problem: "The load may not be sitting on the center of the piston". or "The dial gage may be read innacurately". These are not potential system problems. These are potential human errors. An example of a potential system problem is "Friction between the soil and the side walls may reduce the stress at the bottom of the specimen". That is, the "blame" is on the system, not on the human. Do not list potential human errors in your report. 51
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