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Tool Comparison Presentation

At this point, you have been introduced to various security tools (Network Discovery, Network Scanning, DLP, Firewalls, and HIDS). You are to take one of the five identified categories of tools and identify two specific products from different vendors. Based on two products, please research the differences and similarities between the two products. You should also evaluate the implementation issues you may face with each product. Based on your research, please create a PowerPoint or a similar presentation to explain your research and your findings of the tools. The presentation should be comparative in nature as to highlight the similarities between the two products you researched. Need 15 to 17 slides.

The presentation must contain the following:

  • Product Background
  • Pros and Cons of each product
  • Side by Side comparison
  • Recommendation

PowerPoint Requirements

  1. Easy to follow and understand
  2. Ratio of words to background (Essentially, not too many words on a slide. Highlight the essentials)
  3. Graphics – Charts, Graphs, Illustrations, etc.
  4. 15 – 17 slides
  5. No Plagiarism

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Security Tools


Introduction Of Firewalls
▪ A firewall is intended to keep framework from unapproved access to or from
a private system.

▪ Firewalls can be executed in both equipment and software, or a mix of both.
▪ Firewall independent from anyone else is invulnerable to entrance.

▪ It gives an edge protection.
▪ It associates systems with varying trusted

Different Types of Firewalls
There are different types of firewalls:
▪ Dynamic Packet Filter

Circuit gateways

ii. Application gateway
▪ Packet filtering

Comparing Next Generation Firewalls
Metrics that should be reviewed
▪ On the off chance that the NGFW gives security again...

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