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Your assignment is to construct and present an argument using logical argumentation. As a guide, u will use a worksheet with a series of question to which u will respond in paragraph format.


1. Select any issue from the news, from the Internet, your personal life, something and school, etc.

2. Gather information on the issue from the Internet, people, textbook, etc.

3. Use the worksheet to enter responses to the questions to create your argument.


1. Answer each questions in paragraph format. u must have a least 3-5 sentences per paragraph (see criteria below for specific point value for each questions).

2. Your answers must be written in complete sentences without spelling or grammatical errors.

3. Your answer must be in your own words.

4. Use the questions to complete this assignment.

CRITERIA: Complete the task assigned.

1. Question 1 is worth 15 points.

2. Question 2 is worth 25 points.

3. Question 3 is worth 25 points.

4. Question 4 is worth 10 points.

1.Descibe the issue by answering the following questions in paragraph format.What is the issue, why is it an issue? What are the two sides to the issue?

2. Make a position statement with premises that support your conclusion by answering the following questions in paragraph format. What is your position statement on this issue? What premises support your position statement? (Cite references here) What made u come to your conclusion?

3. Present and respond to the counter arguments by answering the following questions in paragraph format. What are the counter-arguments from the others ide of the issue? What is your respond to these counter-arguments?

4. Conclude your logical argumentation by summarizing the issue & your position, the information thats supports your position, & reason why the counter-arguments are not valid.

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