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1. Explain how hotel GMs influence their employees’ attitudes toward the organization and its guests and have an impact on morale. Describe the need for hotel general managers to effectively manage during times of change.

2. Read “Read World Hotel Challenges” (3.2)” and answer questions at the end.

3. Explain three or more important planning tools that help GMs establish an organizational culture that promotes success and increases morale and productivity. Summarize information about five basic leadership tactics: decision-making, delegation, communication, motivation, and discipline.

4. Read “Real World Hotel Challenges (4.2)” and answer questions at the end.

Submit one of the following problems sets and write your answers in essay format and in concert with APA style.

1. Answer questions in “Your Opinion Counts”

- A GM has responsibilities to guests, employees, owners, and of course to themselves.  What are some reasons these interests might come into conflict? If that were to happen to you, whose interests would you consider to be the most important? Why?

- Some practicing GMs elect to pursue four-year or higher degrees that they believe will assist in their career advancement.  What are some of the advantages and potential disadvantages of such a career advancement strategy? What alternatives would you suggest to a GM whose geographic location prevents such an approach? 


2. Answer questions in “Your Opinion Counts”

- What are three strategies that you as a hotel GM would use while working with your top management team to develop the planning tools (core values, vision, and mission) that will drive your hotel’s organizational culture?

- GMs often do not have enough time to do all the work required of them. Some tasks simply must be delegated.  What are three specific things you could do when delegating work to subordinates to help ensure they do not think you are “dumping” additional work onto them?

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Question 2

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Question Two
1.The company's survival depends on the attention of its guests since their interests will bolster
the company's success. Conflict arises mainly due to misperceptions about each other's
differences and similarities. As a result, all employees must understand that the guests' needs
come first at all times. In order to represent all stakeholders, GMs must simultaneously focus on
their objectives; how...

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