C++ Program using Infix Notation?! Short program!

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I need to write a program to evaluate arithmetic expressions (using infix notation). The easiest way to accomplish this is a two-step process:

· Convert the infix notation expression to the equivalent expression in postfix notation.

· Evaluate the postfix notation.

The program needs to do the following:

· Prompt the user to submit an arithmetic expression.

o I may assume that the expression is entered with spaces between all numbers and operators.  That is, it will look like this:

 ( ( 7 + 6 ) * ( 16 – 2 ) ) / 2

Rather than like this:


This will make the reading in of the expression much easier.

· Evaluate the expression (using the two step process above).

· Print the value of the expression for the user.

For example, running the program might look like this:

Please enter an arithmetic expression: ( ( 7 + 6 ) * ( 16 – 2 ) ) / 2

The value of that expression is: 91

For this, I need one code file: the file defining the program (called “main.cpp”).  I need to use the STL version of the stack class. 

Please HELP ME!!!

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