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1. Critically analyze mise en scene(setting, subject, composition). Explain how this mise en scene contribute mood, quote etc. don’t just describe. EX) if it’s lightning, don’t just describe it but tell why it’s there and why they used it for that lightning for that context.

Film – Andy Warhol, Screen Test: Ann Buchanan(1964)


2. Consider the editing strategy is used in a film or scene.

-What kind of editing and transition used? Ex) match cut, fade out etc

-How would it effected differently if another editing method’s been used?

-Why did they choose to use that editing instead of other editing method?

Film - Michel Gondry, Music video for Cibo Matto “Sugar Water”(1996)


3. Auditory dimension of film(sound)

-spoken word, music, sound effect, soundtrack etc.

-anything you hear or not

-what is noteworthy or original of using specific sound in film.

-how does soundtrack contribute mood or plot in film

-mention specific composer, performer, tell composition of the sound track.

Film – Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho(1960)


4. Briefly describe common stereotype of specific minority group in cinematic history. Explain how specific film either reinforce or challenging it(progressive or reactionary).

Film – Walter Lantz, Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat(1941)



  • 1 page each in essay form for each questions(font size 12 single space)

  • Specific detail and thorough answers

  • Essay must include director name, title, year of the release

  • Include character name(actor name) form for performance of actor(excluding #4)

  • Underline title name when you mention it

  • This isn’t just summary of scene paper but scene analyzing essay so don’t just summarize it.

  • Free of spelling, puntuation, format errors. Professionally written

  • not accepting incomplete work or low quality work.

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