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(Team Concepts on page 341 of the Text : Managing organziational behavior : What great managers do: 2nd edition ,Baldwin,Bommer ,Rubin )

  1. What team characteristics (or lack of) do you think could "sink” a boat of very talented individuals?
  2. . Being as specific as possible, what factors might account for how the 2001-2002 Army Crew Team JV boat--consisting of the bottom eight rowers on the team--frequently beat the Varsity boat?
  3. . Would you allocate rowers to the boats in the same way that Coach Preczewski did? What other options exist?
  4. . Can you think of other examples where the best group of individuals has lower performance as a team than do less talented teams?
  5. . Herb Brooks, head coach of the famous American Olympic hockey team that defied extraordinary odds and won the Olympic Gold Medal against a far superior team from the Soviet Union, once commented that the reason that his team won was because he "did not have the 20 best guys, but the 20 right guys.” Explain.
  6. . What variables are the most important to team success? Be as specific as possible.

Document your citations throughout the text of your 2 - 3 page paper; APA Format

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Working in a team requires creating an environment that suits every member of the
group. It is likely that a certain member won’t commit to the group work, when he/she feels not
worthy to belong to the group. One of the major characteristics that can sink a sheep of a talented
individual is lack of proper coordination of the team. Due to the difference in personal attributes
such as personality, some individual choose to be inactive in a group, especially when there exist
people who pretend to be all knowing. It is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that
each group member gets a chance to contribute to the group. The lack of proper coordination
disadvantages some members and consequently fails to harness their potentials. Communication
problems and unsol...

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