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Building an Effective Team

In Unit III, you started on your course project by selecting an organization and developing a SMARTER outline. For this unit, you will apply the team effectiveness model discussed in this unit and the Five Cs (cooperating, coordinating, communicating, comforting, and conflict-handling) into a team-building plan.

In a two-page explanation, describe how you will assemble and lead a team who will develop the new product you discussed in your Unit III Assignment. Describe who will be a part of your team, how you will ensure the team is successful, and how you will apply the Five Cs. Additionally, include how you will account for different personalities and needs.

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Building an Effective Team

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Building an Effective Team
Teamwork is vital for the success of an organization's projects. It allows the team
members to share knowledge and ideas about the project for better performance and personal
growth. Besides, it promotes joint problem solving because members can collaboratively
work out the associated risks of a project. A leader is responsible for selecting team members
depending on the project and the knowledge of the employees. Chiefly, the success of a
project mainly depends on the commitment of the team members. Being the leader in charge
of developing the meditation device in Jacob's Technology, I will be responsible for creating
an effective team to complet...

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