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please use the career advising packet as a template to write cover letter. and correct/ finish my resume. everything in blue on my resume still needs to still be fixed. The cover letter could be made up. just needs to be along the lines that im applying to a registared nurse positiong

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YOUR NAME, BSN, RN Your Address (optional) Email I Phone Linkedin URL Date Recruiter/Nurse Manager Name, Degree Recruiter/Nurse Manager Title/Position Recruiter/Nurse Manager Department Hospital/Facility Name Address Re: Exact Job title Job Number (if applicable) Dear Title/First Name, First Paragraph: Address interest in exact Job Title from website. Indicate minimum qualifications and integrate your objective with the mission/vision for the hospital/ facility. Second Paragraph: Introduce your experiences (i.e. work, school, etc.) and highlight your skills (professional/personal) that will be beneficial for their organization. Third Paragraph (optional): Short/straight to the point explanation of any gaps of employment or a significant experience(s) that will help your application/resume. Closing Paragraph: Reiterate your interest in the position and/ ororganization with confidence to schedule an interview and include your contact information (email and phone). Close with appreciation for their time and consideration. Regards, (4 lines - whether you sign the letter or not) Your full name YOUR NAME, BSN, RN Your Address (optional) Email I Phone Linkedln URL OBJECTIVE/ SUMMARY/ QUALIFICATIONS/ HIGHLIGHTS [Adjectives that describe you] Bachelor of Science New Graduate eagerly seeking a position as [exact Job Title] at [Facility Name] to [state your objective-why are you applying] and [conclude by relating to company's Mission and Vision]; Bilingual in English and Language(s). EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Nursing Expected Month Year West Coast University - Ontario, CA GPA 4.0 - Dean's List Memberships/ Clubs Honors (Cum Laude/Summa/Magna) LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS Registered Nurse, CA License #XXXXX Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Basic Life Support (BLS) Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Expected Month Year Expires Month Year Month Year Scheduled Month Year WORK HISTORY Position/fob Title Month Year - Month Year Company /Organization - City, State • Describe daily job duties outside of the obvious but within your scope (everyone has an idea of what a cashier/waitress does, but what duties did you perform that made you stand out) • Description of duties that highlight your skills/ qualifications (use keywords from RN job) • Description of duties that highlight your character/relationship with others or professionals • Management/leadership/ training roles and/ or achievements VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Title - Organization, City, State Dates CLINICAL ROTATIONS Facility - Unit, Preceptorship Facility - Unit, Course Facility - Unit, Course Facility - Unit, Course Facility - Unit, Course Facility - Unit, Course Facility - Unit, Course Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours YOUR NAME, BSN, RN Your Address (optional) Email I Phone Linkedln URL R E F E R E N C E S Name, Degree (Professional, Preceptor) Title/Position Company Name Company Address Direct Phone Name, Degree (Professional, Clinical) Title/Position Company Name Company Address Phone Name, Degree (Professional, Direct Mgr/Spr) Title/Position Company Name Company Address Phone Name, Degree (Personal, Projects/Events) Title/Position Company Name Company Address Phone
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Sajeetha Jackie Mahinda, BSN, RN
Palm Springs, CA | (760) 285-2669 | jackiemahinda@yahoo.com
Philip Ribas, BSN
Edwards Air Force Base
305 Popson Ave, Edwards AFB, CA

Re: Military Nurse
Dear Sgt. Philip,
A military nurse is an interesting career to me because it allows me to show patriotism by helping individuals
tasked with defending the sovereignty of our country. Having missed out on an opportunity to join the military,
I believe that the military nurse role will help me achieve my dreams of serving in the army while helping
military personnel maintain positive health outcomes. based on the vacancy posting, the military nurse is
expected to assess military personnel, administer and sort medications, and promote their health status. As such,
I have a superior vocational nursing experience that will allow me to accomplish these roles while supporting
your mission and vision of enhancing the safety and health outcomes of military personnel by delivering quality

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