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Assignment requires picking a case from website given

You will analyze what the case is about and include information asked from the questions listed on the assignment page

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Project- The Journey of a Court Case Learn what happens to cases as they travel within a court and between courts. After you complete this project, you will know how a court case goes through the system. Case Study: Colorado Judicial Branch Go to the Colorado Judicial Branch's website at and click on the Supreme Court. Going into the case announcements, find a case from any of the years listed to analyze. You will not know what the cases are about until you click on them individually; choose one at random, or choose one that interests you. • Write a paper of at least 500 words on what the case is about. Then make a flowchart for the journey of that specific court case. The flowchart can be in the form of a presentation, or you may use any other flowchart-making software you prefer. • For instance, did it start in the trial courts? Can you tell if it was county or district court? • Who won, and who appealed? Did it go to the Court of Appeals? • Who won and who appealed there? • What happened at the Supreme Court level? • Where will the case go from here (i.e. is it closed, or will it go back to the trial court?)? Note: Though not a requirement for credit for this assignment, you can creatively make a flowchart for the journey of that specific court case. You may create a flow chart using Google Draw.oi if you have a google or dropbox account. You may use the general shapes, lines, flowchart or arrows functions to create your flow chart.
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The case that has been chosen is:
Petitioner: Benjamin John Romero, v. Respondent: The People of the State of Colorado
Case brief
The issue at hand was that the petitioner had been charged with sexual assault of minors. When
one looks at the facts about the case, the petitioner started living with friends in 2009. It was over
the summer that he spent time with two daughters who belonged to his friend, who was fifteen

years old, and thus minors. The two daughters were abbreviated as C.T and J.W. by the court
proceedings. At one time C.T. accused Romero of indecent touch down her pants. The next
complaint came from both children when they accused the petitioner of hitting them on buttocks
and his hands on their bosoms. It was from this perspective that the petitioner was charged by the
state for sexual assault, which was based on a pattern that was established and the jury gave free
access to the exhibits that were fundamental in the case. The police officer who conducted the
forensic interview was also allowed to testify as a lay witness, which was one of the
contestations that the Supreme Court was supposed to address. There was also the use of
previous recordings of the petitioner discussing his sexual predation of a friend...

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