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Digital Marketing Plan: Part II

In application of the concepts learned in this course, you will continue your compilation of a digital marketing plan that you began for the Unit VI Assignment. As a reminder, a digital marketing plan is a document that shares the details for all planning of digital marketing campaigns and actions. You compiled the first half of the plan in Unit VI (see attachment) and will now complete the second half of the plan for this assignment. You will use the same company that you used in Unit VI.

For this assignment, your digital marketing plan should include the elements listed below.

Marketing Tools

Identify a minimum of five       marketing tools that will be used in your company and include your       rationale for the selection and effectiveness of each tool.

Include a discussion around       how these tools will reach the target market you described in Unit VI.

  • Marketing Platforms

Identify a minimum of five       marketing platforms that will be used in your company, and include your       rationale for the selection and effectiveness of each platform.

Explain how you could utilize       web design to enhance your digital marketing.

  • Measuring Results
  • Identify a minimum of five       measurement methods that you will use to determine whether your digital       marketing campaign is effective by applying the Strategic Alliance       Framework (SAF) to your company.
  • Discuss how the use of web       analytics will be handled ethically in your company.
  • Future Goals

Discuss how advancements in       technology affect your digital marketing plan.

  • Apply the 7 Cs to your       company.

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1 XYZ Digital Marketing Plan Name Institution Affiliation Course Instructor Date 2 XYZ Digital Marketing Plan Company Overview XYZ will be an online platform that will help food lovers reserve restaurants. The company will be headquartered in New Delhi, India. XYZ will allow users to browse and filter restaurants according to categories such as trending dishes, cuisine types, hotel buffets, and so on. In other words, it will serve popular dining venues in India and neighbouring countries. My company will use a model tied to revenue. Under this model, The 7ps of XYZ Product - Will link food lovers with trusted and reliable restaurants - My online platforms will be easy to use - 24/7 support to its customers Price - XYZ will use premium pricing to encourage positive product and brand perceptions among consumers. - Different pricing strategies (psychological, geographical, and bundled pricing) will be used to attract different kinds of consumers and general value. Promotion - Will interact with customers directly to influence them. - Will have profiles on all social media platforms, which will be used for marketing. Place - XYZ will be an online-based platform. Thus, all consumers in our markets with an internet connection will access products anywhere anytime. 3 People - XYZ will focus on building relationships with both customers and employees. - XYZ’s employees and those restaurants that will sign up with us will be well trained. - Employees will be provided with career growth and development opportunities. Process - XYZ will have clearly defined operations - The company will have a comprehensive communication plan Physical Evidence - Our websites and mobile apps will have an easy to use design - Our websites and mobile apps will be a friendly interface Attraction, Conversion and Brand Loyalty Attraction is the ability of businesses to draw customers to buy their products through their marketing efforts (López García et al., 2019). Instead of relying on lead buying, cold calling, or begging for attraction, this digital marketing plan will help XYZ attract more customers to its website or other platforms and convert them. Customer conversion is when visitors to a website complete desired goals, such as purchasing products. This digital marketing strategy will help XYZ convert passive visitors to its website to interested and loyal customers. Such interested customers will then develop emotional relationships with the company, which will be manifested by their desire and willingness to repeatedly purchase our products (customer loyalty) (López García et al., 2019). Target Market Identification The target market for my business will be clients that travel long distances or those that have to travel for several days for work. Examples include tourists, businessmen, artists, 4 newlyweds, and the like. These people often require recommendations on where they can stay and locally available foods. This is the gap that XYZ will seek to fill. Situation and Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis for Eatigo (Potential Competitor) Strengths - Strong brand identity in the region - Big customer base - Highly preferred by parents and Weaknesses - resources - children has it has many activities. - High demand for amusement parks - High web penetration in Mexico - Growing tourism in Africa offers an Lack of experience operating in the theme park industry Opportunities Lack of monetary and technical Covid-19 has limited eat outs. Threats - Stiff competition from Open Table, Eat App, Resy, and others. - opportunity for expansion The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will likely limit potential customers from those countries from buying products. - Increased risk of its products being replicated. Eatigo is already established in the South East Asia market as a company that helps customers reserve restaurants (Cherukuri, 2018). Thus, its SWOT analysis above will help XYZ understand the external and internal factors that can make it succeed or fail in South East Asia. For example, by improving on Eatigo’s current strengths and coming up with strategies to limit 5 the impact of the weaknesses and threats listed above, XYZ will be able to target its marketing efforts to distinguish itself in the marker. Based on what XYZ will learn from the SWOT analysis above, it can find ways to deal with the weaknesses and strengths of Eatigo. XYZ can target its market efforts to take advantage of opportunities and avoid the threats posed by the rival. Tracking Measures There are many tracking measures digital marketing teams can use to track performance, and they can even create their own. The number of KPIs used is not important. What matters is the type of KPIs selected and whether the tracking measures used help them analyze the effectiveness of the execution of strategy (Rock Content, 2020). It is recommended that tracking measures be selected from the company's goals. Without the right metrics, businesses would not be able to evaluate their methods properly. Key Performance Indicators Digital marketing KPIs will help XYZ measure results. They are the key to measuring campaigns with accuracy and quality. The following are some of the digital marketing KPIs that XYZ will use. Cost per Lead This KPI will be used to measure the cost of every lead earned by XYZ. It will help the company know how much money from its budget it uses to get new contacts ((Gupta & Chokshi, 2020). Cost per Conversion 6 This KPI will be used to determine what has been invested in turning leads into converting clients. This metric is crucial when a company wants to "measure the quality of midfunnel media strategies". Higher conversion rates mean better results. Net Promoter Score XYZ will use this metric to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. To achieve this, customers will be asked how likely they will recommend XYZ and its products to others. Higher scores will mean higher satisfaction rates (Rock Content, 2020). Average Time on Page If visitors spend less time on XYZ’s company, this will be interpreted to mean they did not find what they were looking for. Traffic from Organic Search This KPI will help XYZ visualize the volume of access to its website from regular Google searches (Rock Content, 2020). Value of Tracking KPIs Monitoring digital marketing KPIs will be an important part of XYZ’s marketing process. These metrics will help the company's marketers measure their strategies' accuracy. The first step when building a digital marketing plan is to define objectives. KPIs help to determine whether chosen goals were the most appropriate and whether the methods used to achieve those objectives worked or not (Rock Content, 2020). If the metrics will be good, it will mean the marketing process was done correctly. And if metrics are poor, it will mean inadequate strategies were used. However, poor metrics do not always denote inadequate strategy. Tracking KPIs is also one way companies use to determine whether their budgets were properly invested. KPIs will allow XYZ to detect the campaigns and actions that made it possible 7 to reach its objectives with greater effectiveness. Tracking KPIs will also help the company avoid waste and target its budget on campaigns and actions that yield better returns on investment (Rock Content, 2020). 8 References Cherukuri, R.K. (2018). About Eatigo. Gupta, S., & Chokshi, S. (2020, April). Digital marketing effectiveness using incrementality. In International Conference on Advances in Computing and Data Sciences (pp. 66-75). Springer, Singapore. López García, J. J., Lizcano, D., Ramos, C. M., & Matos, N. (2019). Digital marketing actions that achieve a better attraction and loyalty of users: An analytical study. Future Internet, 11(6), 130. Rock Content (2020). 8 Digital Marketing KPIs to measure in 2022.
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XYZ Digital Marketing Plan

Institution Affiliation

XYZ Marketing Tools
XYZ will utilize various marketing tools to promote and develop its services. These
include (“5 Essential marketing tools,” n.d.):
Social media. Since XYZ is an online business, it will utilize social media to create an
interactive internet-based relationship with its consumers. It can utilize posts, tweets, videos, and
picture sharing on social media.
Internet Marketing. This is different from social media because it happens online, for example,
optimizing the search engine and advertising online. The main aim of XYZ marketing is to
increase attraction. Therefore, optimizing the search engine improves the website's appearance
on the search engines.
Online Surveys. Surveys are essential tools for learning target consumer behavior. The surveys
act as feedback to inform XYZ on customer preferences and facilitate improvement.
Google Analytics. As I mentioned before, conversion and traffic will be among the company’s
KPIs. Therefore, Google Analytics is an imperative tool in monitoring the visitor’s origin, visitor
characteristics, what services are viewed the most. Also, it calculates the visitor conversion rates
to help XYZ develop its conversion goals.
Tools for Monitoring Media. This media marketing technique scans videos, forums, blogs, and
social media platforms to alert XYZ of conversations relevant to the company’s brand and
services. Since XYZ is an online business, it will help manage narratives about the business
online and curb negative PR.
How the Tools will Reach the Audience

The tools, as mentioned above, will be based online, where the consumers interact with
the business. The surveys, for example, may take a few minutes to fill as they pop up after the
consumer has finished selecting the desired services. The company can also develop social media
company groups where individuals can join and enjoy direct interactions with the company’s
XYZ Marketing Platforms
Tiktok. Tiktok has introduced a novel facet of marketing. For example, with a branded hashtag,
“#Live_Laugh_Travel will spark engage...

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