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The curriculum for health education is very vast. In this assignment, you will identify the most important aspects to develop a well-rounded, in-depth approach to a health curriculum. This will enable you to teach health education and apply strategic lesson planning that conveys the importance of health education. When teaching health curriculum, teachers must be mindful and fully aware of the physical, mental and social- emotional development of their unique student population. You will identify a study population to focus upon in this assignment, as well as in other assignments to come in this course.


Identifyastudentpopulationwhomyoucurrently,mighteventually,orhopetoteach. You will focus on this student population in other assignments throughout the course. NOTE: Use the same chosen student population that you will be using in the Health and Physical Education Portfolio | Part 1 - Class Description.

At the beginning of each chapter in the Health Education text you will find a list of desired learner outcomes. For each of the following chapters, you will only pick one of the learner outcomes from each of these chapters.

  1. Chapter 1, Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child
  2. Chapter 3, Standards-Based Planning, Teaching, and Assessment in HealthEducation

Chapter 5, Promoting Mental and Emotional Health

  • Chapter 6, Promoting Healthy Eating
  • Chapter 7, Promoting Physical Activity
  • Chapter 9, Promoting Personal Health and Wellness
  • Chapter 10, Preventing Intentional Injuries and Violence
  • Chapter 11, Tobacco Use and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Prevention
  • Chapter 12, Alcohol and Other Drug Use Prevention
  • Chapter 13, Promoting Sexual Health
  • For each chapter write a one-paragraph response to the prompts for the chosen learner outcome as it relates to the student population you selected. Include, in your own words, what strategies you would implement to promote the chosen outcomes?
  • From a teacher’s perspective, discuss why it’s important to make health outcomes relevant.
  • Provide a specific example, for your selected student population for how you might encounter this outcome in the classroom.
  1. For instance: While exploring content on mental health, a learning outcome may be about finding healthy ways to exhibit emotion. How would you respond...?
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Teaching Health Curriculum

Tsoler Hamamjian
Los Angeles Pacific University
EDUC 410
Amber McKee

Chapter 1, Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child
A child can learn many initiatives, and teaching them health curriculum to the seventh
graders within the school must be done with maturity and expertise. The teacher must ensure
they develop skills that the age group can understand. The best approach can ensure they get the
health sector's factual outlook through thinking and learning concepts. I can diversify the idea
because I am a teacher and strategize on concept usages such as print materials, charts, visual
prompts, and audiotapes. Making health outcomes sound relevant to the seventh graders can help
ensure that they understand the repercussions of health effects. It can help the kids take care of
themselves and educate their siblings on the best interventions for learning health skills.
Chapter 3, Standards-Based Planning, Teaching, and Assessment in Health Education
The National Health Education Standards aim to promote health concepts to enable selfsufficiency. The state and local education agencies formulate curriculum documents that allow
the kids to get the basic knowledge and use it in their lifelong learning. I will incorporate the
usage of interpersonal communication learning strategies to effect standard-based learning.
Interpersonal communication effectively ensures the children can ask questions and seek
guidance whenever they have doubts about anything. Solving kids' worries can improve the
outcomes of their classroom endeavors because such children will have openness in clarifying
their family beliefs, developmental stage affiliations, and peer orientation. As a tutor, I will
ensure I address children's concerns based on ind...

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