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1. Theme: American "Populism Movement" in the late of 19th century.   

2. The writing must address the following points: 1, ?Chinese Exclusion Act?? 2? Xenophobia against immigrants from Ireland, Eastern and Southern Europe? 3?White Supermacy and <Jim Crow Act> in South;  4, impact of Segregation; 5, Wilmington Massacre in North Carolina in 1898; 6, Lyching of African Americans.

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Assignment outline
The American "Populism Movement" in the late 19th century

The Populist Party surged in popularity in the South and West in the early 1890s before
imploding after backing Democrat William Jennings Bryan in the presidential election of

Before the legislation passed (Act of 1875), there were anti-Chinese sentiment and
violence and various anti-Chinese immigration restrictions

In the late 1800s, politicians in the United States started to emphasize immigration.

White supremacy, also known as white supremacist, believes that white people are
superior to other races and should thus govern over them.

Legislation and private action in Northern and Southern states separated blacks from
whites’ socialization.

The Wilmington Massacre, also known as the Wilmington Coup, was a riot and rebellion
organized by white nationalists on November 10, 1898, in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Lynching were public acts of violence committed by whites against African-Americans
in the nineteenth century to terrorize and dominate them.


The American "Populism Movement" in the late 19th century

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