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Your stakeholders would like to see your design ideas for your selected facility and would also like you to provide a summary of the project.

Part 1:

Open the template you chose from Week One in the SmartDraw® Designer. From that point, you will be able to modify the template and add the following information:

  • The health care structure such as walls, doors, hallways, waiting areas, and related structural components
  • Diagnostic and treatment space equipment and location
  • Customer service and amenities, such as the reception desk, bathroom, shower, vending machine, and so forth
  • Clinical support areas, such as nurse's station, charting areas, and so forth
  • Physician or dentist office space for patient consultation
  • Administrative offices
  • Building support, such as laundry, generator facilities, housekeeping, and so forth
  • Mechanical equipment, such as space for laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, gases such as oxygen, and suctions
  • Color and noise elements
  • Regulatory elements such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration and ADA guidelines
  • Sustainability options
  • Other elements such as IT or creative healing environmental ideas

Save your design once it is completed.

Part 2:

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word summary of your project that includes the following information:

  • If this is a new facility or a renovation
  • Reason you selected the facility
  • Who are your stakeholders for this project
  • What are your planning needs
  • What are your planning goals
  • Cost estimates for one room in your facility - provide a chart containing each item in the room, the items estimated cost, and a total for that one room.
  • How would you handle budget planning
  • What you learned from completing your own floor plan
  • What is your rationale for design choices
  • Any recommendations or suggestions for completing your floor plan differently - what would you do differently next time.

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Completed Floor Plan and Summary




The aim of this paper is to elaborate the reason for selecting a healthcare facility for
renovation. It’s a detailed analysis of the requirements for designing the floor plan, the
justification of the design and approval for completing the floor summary. St. Augustine Family
Clinic is a healthcare facility that has been in operation since the 1980s, serving the Kaysville
community in Utah. The community is highly populated with low-income households that
depend on the community hospital to acquire affordable medical care. The buildings of the
facility require renovation because it has not received refurbishment since it was constructed.
Renovation to the facility necessitates adequate scheduling that will allow smooth operations and
movements in and out of each room. As an architectural designer, one needs to know the floor
design before pulling down the ceiling and floor because one can damage the sewer system and
water pipes.
Reasons for Selecting This Facility
St. Augustine Family Clinic is local healthcare facility that is located in a socioeconomic
region to provide the community with primary care. The renovation will not only benefit the
community but the healthcare practitioners as they will have adequate spacing to accommodate
more medical equipment. For instance, the expansion of the facility will house the 3D sonogram
machine, the novel plasma collection system, and the electrocardiogram. The renovation of the
facility will unlock the economic potential of the regions when the health needs of the
community are met. Initially, the facility was structured to be an outpatient clinic providing
medical procedures such as diagnosis ...

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