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There are 4 total discussion questions on the module Men and masculinities, women and femininities. There are two videos and the questions simply ask about your reaction to it. The questions and resources will be in a document below.

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Accessing Tough Guise 2 This documentary is available via Kanopy. In order to access the film, you will need to: • • • • Go to the library's website ( Click the yellow "Databases" tab and search for Kanopy. When the result comes up, click the link. Click "connect now." Tough Guise 2 may show up on the main page of Kanopy, or you may have to search for it on the search bar on the top. After watching the film, please create a new thread and answer the following questions: 1. What were your reactions to the film? Did anything surprise you? 2. How does this relate to course material for this week? answer the following questions: 1. What were your reactions to the talk? Did anything surprise you? 2. How does this talk relate to course materials for this week? Course Material on Men and masculinities, women and femininities or
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VIDEO 1: Tough Guise 2
Question 1
The film Tough Guise 2 drives out a stunning reaction from the person watching, it is a
shocking documentary that leaves one intrigued and thirsty for more information on the topic of
men and violence. It sheds light on the shocking reality that violent as it may be rampant in our
society is majorly perpetrated by men. The film reveals that 98 percent of violence is caused by
men. It is rather surprising that domestic and gender-based violence is termed as women’s issues
yet these are problems caused by men and the solution lies in changing the overwhelming number
of the male gender causing these issues.
Additionally, the film places focus on a different perspective which involves not castigating
the perpetrators but rather looking at the root cause of this issues. Jackson Katz points that there
are institutions in the society which are responsible for the violence that is seemed to been
engrained in the male gender. It is clearly outlined that violence is ...

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