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Analyze approaches to project risk management techniques used to assess and control project risk.

Scenario Information

AYou are assuming the role of the project manager for a company called SuperPacks to provide a new backpack product with a built-in refrigeration pouch and radio module. Your customer for this project is the U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations. As the project manager for your team, you will be submitting to your manager a project management report.


Risk Matrix

As a project manager for this company, you are to analyze the risks associated with the project. Risks should be identified and defined as cost, probability, impact, and mitigation plans for each risk. Below, you are to provide a risk assessment for the project based on the criteria and template provided.

  • Identify and name at least three risks and name them (risk name).
  • Determine the expected costs for each named risk.
  • Determine the risk probability for each named risk.
  • Include factored risk value (should automatically calculate using the Risk Assessment Matrixtemplate).
  • Determine the risk impact to project (using the drop-down menu in the Risk Assessment Matrixtemplate).
  • Provide the Risk Mitigation Plan.
  • Provide the expected risk retire date (when the risk is no longer a risk).

The assignment should include a word document as well as an excel document. I attached the assignments from last week as a reference.

Unformatted Attachment Preview

Running head: STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) 1 Statement of Work (SOW) Tena Jones Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being resubmitted on August 17, 2017 for David Jones’s Business Project Management course. STATEMENT OF WORK Statement of Work (SOW) Business Need The U.S. Armed forces, Ground Forces and Special Operations involves the fact that extraordinary operations require one of the kind methods of work, strategies, methods, systems, and hardware (Connections II, n.d.). They are frequently led in threatening, denied, or politically or potentially strategically touchy conditions, and are portrayed by at least one of the accompanying: time-affectability, stealthy or clandestine nature, low deceivability, work with or through indigenous powers, more prominent necessities for territorial introduction and social mastery, and a higher level of hazard. Exceptional operations give joint drive administrators and head of mission with discrete, exact, and adaptable alternatives that can be synchronized with exercises of other interagency accomplices to accomplish United States Government (USG) destinations (Connections II, n.d.). Center is as to the current independent PC and programming applications. A proposition to introduce a modernized system that will end up being advantageous to the developing firm is being asked. The present system does not bolster the abilities related to a remote framework in this manner obstructing the maximum capacity of current system innovation (UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, n.d.). It is likely that the present system won't be upheld by cutting edge applications that will require expanded data transfer capacity and a higher nature of administration. The U.S. Armed forces, Ground Forces and Special Operations composes, prepares, and prepares SOF for exceptional operations center exercises, and other such exercises as might be determined by the President (Connections II, n.d.). Exceptional operations missions may incorporate more than one center action. The exceptional operations center exercises are: immediate activity, exceptional observation, countering weapons of mass obliteration, counterterrorism, unpredictable fighting, remote STATEMENT OF WORK interior protection, security constraint help, prisoner protect and recuperation, counterinsurgency, remote compassionate help, military data bolster operations, and common issues operations (Connections II, n.d.). By using COTS, the innovation needs of this law office will spare a lot of assets while procuring the innovation that will empower accomplishment in the field today (Connections II, n.d.). The innovation redesign activity will altogether enhance the administrations of the U.S. Armed forces, Ground Forces, and Special Operations. Product Scope Description The scope of work for the usage of modernizing the present system incorporates the arranging, outline, execution, and preparing exercises required for this system update. This overhaul will likewise incorporate the getting of licenses, equipment establishment, upkeep administrations for the systems administration servers. Necessities and capacities are outlined beneath. Uncommon operations require special methods of business, strategies, procedures, methodology, and gear. They are frequently led in unfriendly, denied, or politically as well as carefully touchy situations, and are portrayed by at least one of the following: time-affectability, undercover or clandestine nature, low deceivability, work with or through indigenous powers, more prominent necessities for local introduction and social aptitude, and a higher level of hazard (UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, n.d.). Exceptional operations give JFCs and head of mission with discrete, exact, and adaptable alternatives that can be synchronized with exercises of other interagency accomplices to accomplish United States Government (USG) goals (Connections II, n.d.). These operations are outlined in a socially adjusted way to make both quick and persevering impacts to help counteract and discourage struggle or win in war. They survey and shape outside political and military conditions singularly, or with have countries, multinational STATEMENT OF WORK accomplices, and indigenous populaces. Throughout unique operations can be led autonomously, most are composed with regular strengths, interagency accomplices, what's more, multinational accomplices, and may incorporate work with indigenous, extremist, or sporadic powers (Connections II, n.d.). Uncommon operations may vary from regular operations at the level of key, physical, and political and additionally conciliatory hazard; operational strategies; methods of work; also, reliance on knowledge and indigenous resources (Connections II, n.d.). Uncommon operations are based on people and little units who apply unique abilities with flexibility, the act of spontaneity, and advancement (UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, n.d.). Extraordinary operations regularly require exact strategic level arranging, point by point insight, and learning of the way of life and dialects of the operational ranges. Through preparing and mission practices are indispensable to the accomplishment of most extraordinary operations. Extraordinary operations directed by little SOF units, with novel capacities and independence (for brief time frames), give the USG with a wide exhibit of military choices. These choices may produce less obligation or danger of acceleration than are ordinarily connected with work of bigger and more noticeable CF. Outside accomplices will on occasion be additionally ready to work with SOF because of their little impression in politically and additionally strategically delicate situations (Connections II, n.d.). Basic to the assessment and getting ready for future unique operations is the audit, and potential work of, joint lessons took in and best practices from past operations. Accumulation of joint lessons learned as per the Chairman of the Joint Head of Staff (CJCS) direction advances the accessibility of such data for SOF thought and basic leadership. Strategic Plan STATEMENT OF WORK Perform disappointment testing inside the updated framework arrange and give a composed report of results, conclusions, and proposals. The coherent and physical arrangements of the system framework are required including Physical data, Logical Network subtle elements and specifics, and Logical Fiber Channel data (UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, n.d.). Archived strategies of the setup of all hardware particularly identifying with establishments performed. Documentation ought to be sufficiently particular to the U.S. Armed forces, Ground Forces and Special Operations to repeat gear setup if important. Open meeting booked for assist correspondences for potential contractors will be held at the above address at the timetable time noted in the RFP. This meeting is discretionary and will not the slightest bit consider the assessment of a submitted offer. Additionally, Project Management gatherings will likewise be held at said specified area with points of interest to be resolved. Assigned Contractor will be required to go to every asked for a meeting. The length of this venture will start with the outlining stage which will close on September fourteenth, 2016. Usage will start with the assigned Contractor on September 21st, 2016 and will close all established procedures and techniques by October fourteenth, 2016. Survey methodology and assessments will start (tailing one week after operational capacities have started) November first, 2016 and will finish up on November eighth, 2016. STATEMENT OF WORK Work Cited Connections II Example Performance Based Statement of Work. (n.d.). Retrieved from UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS - Network Infrastructure and Services. (n.d.). Retrieved from WBS 1,0 1,1 1.1.1 1,2 1.2.1 1,3 1.3.1 1,4 1.4.1 Title Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Review customer statement of work (SOW) Identify all project deliverables and milestones Forward a copy of the customer statement of work to the project team Begin development of the WBS Project team review Identify all top level work packages Identify all lower level work packages Project team approval Description Description of work to be completed / milestone Read and review the statement of work Highlight and identify all project deliverables and milestones associated with the project Forward a copy of the customer statement of work to all project team members Develop the WBS Set up a SOW team review with the project team Highlight and identify all top level milestones / deliverables identify all work associated with the top level milestones Set up a project team meeting for WBS review / approval Start Date 1/5/16 1/6/16 End Date 1/5/16 1/9/16 1/6/16 1/9/16 1/10/16 1/10/16 1/13/16 1/14/16 1/14/16 1/17/16 1/10/16 1/10/16 1/13/16 1/15/16 1/15/16 1/17/16 Total estimated days Point of Contact (POC) 1 3 Project Manager 0 Project Manager 1 1 1 1 1 1 Project Manager Project team Project team S. Johnson M. Jones Project team WBS WBS FOR SUPERPACKS Backpack with refrigerated pouch and radio module 1,0 Review SOW 1,1 1.1.1 BACKPACK 1,2 1.2.1 REFRIGERATED POUCH 1,3 1.3.1 RADIO MODULE 1,4 1.4.1 DELIVERY 2,0 2,1 2.1.1 2,2 2.2.1 2,3 2.3.1 2,4 2.4.1 3,0 PAYMENT 1ST MILESTONE PAYMENT 3,1 3.1.1 2ND MILESTONE PAYMENT 3,2 3.2.1 3RD AND FINAL MILESTONE PAYMENT 3,3 3.3.1 Evaluation & Recommendation 3,4 3.4.1 4,0 4,1 Contract approval 4.1.1 4,2 Signing of the contract agreement 4.2.1 4,3 Contract Budgeting 4.3.1 4,4 Procuring the backpacks 4.4.1 5,0 5,1 Transporting the backpacks from the supplier 5.1.1 5,2 Re-inspection of the backpacks 5.2.1 5,3 Transporting the backpacks to the Delivery site 5.3.1 Signing off the supply deal 5,4 5.4.1 Description Start Date End Date To finish 200 backpacks units for the U.S. Armed force and Ground Forces and Special Operations. The smaller implicit radio module can be utilized to advantageously transmit and get radio flags between various gadgets. 9/1/15 3/1/16 Read and Review the SOW to ensure I comprehend the unmistakable reason for how, what, when, who and why. Understanding this data will guarantee this venture measures past my customers desires. 9/1/15 9/1/15 SuperPacks will plan and build another backpack for the U.S. Armed force and Ground Forces and Special Operations. This procedure will be finished by the venture group to hold the cost down. 11/1/15 12/1/15 Refrigerated pouch attached to the backpack. This backpack will enable our service men/women the opportunity to transport any item that desires refrigeration. The team in warehouse #2 will complete this part of the project by 1/1/2016. 12/1/15 1/1/16 Radio module appended to the backback. The smaller implicit radio module can be utilized to helpfully transmit and get radio flags between different gadgets. The group in distribution center #1 is relied upon to have this piece of the venture finished by 2/1/1026. 1/1/16 2/1/16 Finished backpack investigated and conveyed to the U.S. Armed force and Ground Forces and Special Operations 365 days in front of calendar. 2/1/16 3/1/16 Installments will be a wire exchange from First Bank (client's bank) to Bank of America, SuperPacks budgetary establishment. 10/30/16 5/30/17 To start with installment from the client will be gotten on October 30.2016 as a wire exchange from First Bank to Bank of America. 10/30/16 10/30/16 Second installment from the client will be gotten on January 30,2017 as a wire exchange from First Bank to Bank of America. 1/30/17 1/30/17 Third and last installment from the client will be gotten on January 30,2017 as a wire exchange from First Bank to Bank of America. 5/30/17 5/30/17 Case is carefully evaluated by HRMS management team 6/15/17 completed Agreement signed and approved 6/30/17 completed The Project manager Signs the project Chatter. 7/15/17 completed Incorporates the extension administration design, time administration design, Risk administration design, HR Plan 7/30/17 completed Incorporates examining the knapsacks and sending the rucksacks to the store anticipating conveyance 8/15/17 completed Fuses decision of a suitable supplier of the backpacks 8/30/17 9/30/17 The backpacks are re-reviewed to guarantee that they meet the set measures. 10/1/17 10/30/17 Includes repackaging of the backpacks 11/1/17 11/30/17 Now the backpacks are reviewed in nearness of the delegate from the armed force 12/1/17 12/30/17 Total estimated days Point of Contact (POC) 182 1 Tena Jones, PM 30 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#1 30 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#2 31 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#1 30 PM/PROJECT TEAM 1 PM 1 PM 1 PM 5 PM/PROJECT TEAM 5 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#1 5 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#1 5 PM/PROJECT TEAM 1 PM/PROJECT TEAM 10 PM/PROJECT TEAM 25 Tena Jones, PM 25 Tena Jones, PM 25 PROJECT TEAM/WAREHOUSE#2 ...
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Final Answer

All set. Thank you


A project management report on Risks




A Project Management Report on Risk
Managing risks of projects is a process that requires thorough risk assessment and a
mitigation plan for those very risks. Risk assessment varies from both the identification of
potential risks and evaluation of the potential impacts of these risks. Risk mitigation plans are
designed with a purpose of eliminating and sometimes minimizes the impact of the risk event
and the occurrences that will cause an adverse impact on a project. Identifying a risk is a creative
and a disciplined process. These creative processes include brainstorming sessions in which
teams are asked to create a list of risks that a project may encounter. All ideas are taken seriously
at this stage and the evaluation of these ideas taken later on to ensure a smooth workflow, during
the development of the project.
In the current project that our company SuperPacks, decided to venture on, I together
with my team conducted a risk assessment...

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