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SPEAKING OUTLINE FORMATTING GUIDE Title: Preparing a Speech Introduction: Speeches need to be organized. (Transition: This is a very brief statement that lets the audience know what comes next in the speech.) Body I. The first thing to do… A. Brainstorm B. Select a topic (Transition: This is a very brief statement that lets the audience know what comes next in the speech.) II. After selecting topic… A. Do research B. Select organizational pattern C. Begin writing (Transition: This is a very brief statement that lets the audience know what comes next in the speech.) III. Practicing the speech A. Vocal quality B. Time the rehearsal C. Use gestures D. Look in the mirror (Transition: This is a very brief statement that lets the audience know what comes next in the speech.) Conclusion: I just explained the basics of what you need to know. References NOTE: Center the word References on its own page, which will come last in the outline. All references need to be in APA style. Death Penalty Outline Theo Pratt Sandra Williams Nightingale College 03/20/22 Title: Death Penalty Topic: Should the death penalty be abolished? What are the pros and cons of the death penalty? Specific Purpose Statement: To persuade some states to abolish the death penalty Thesis statement: Although the death penalty has a myriad of advantages and disadvantages, abolishing it is a better and moral option to take. Introduction The death penalty has become less popular both in the United States and in other nations across the globe (Amidon, 2018). However, the death penalty remains legal in approximately 27 states across the United States. The death penalty has faced significant criticism over the years, causing divergence in moral, utilitarian, and political arguments. The main purpose of this piece is to answer the question: Does the death penalty make society safer? Body: I. The cons of capital punishment A. Death penalty is unethical because it goes against the moral argument of protecting all life. 1. Death penalty is a form of vengeance because its goal is to inflict pain on a criminal rather than help them reform. 2. Death penalty does not support justice for the accused because it denies them a chance to have their case re-examined in the future. B. Death penalty does not create room for reform 1. Death penalty denies individuals a chance to change, and be reintegrated into society (Flanders, 2013). 2. Death penalty contradicts the legal system because it does not advance individual rights and liberties, which is one of the key goals of the legal system. C. Death penalty is not economical 1. The death penalty uses public taxes which could have been used in the provision of other services such as healthcare. 2. Despite using public taxes, the death penalty has not eliminated capital crimes. This raises questions on its effectiveness. In a recent study, Mendoza Valles, (2018) argued that the median cost of the death penalty case in the United States is approximately $1.26M. The author also found the death penalty ineffective in reducing cases of homicide and capital crimes. II. The pros of capital punishment A. Utilitarian argument 1. Death penalty is a tool for deterrence a. Due to the fear of getting executed, people fear committing capital crimes or engaging in illegal activities. b. The death penalty creates a safer society through the execution of those who pose a threat to the safety of others. III. (My Stance) A. Death penalty perpetuates wealth gap. 1. Death penalty favors the wealthy class because they can afford good lawyers and are thus less likely to be executed. B. Racial bias 1. Due to systemic racial bias and inequality, black people are convicted more than whites (Amidon, 2018). C. Moral Reasons 1. Death penalty goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Executing someone denies them a right to live. Conclusion: This paper argues that the death penalty should be abolished because it does not make society safer. The death penalty is not economical, less effective, prone to bias, and goes against the universal declaration of human rights. In a nutshell, the death penalty should be abolished because it disregards the right to life fails to support justice and the legal system. Also, the death penalty promotes acts of vengeance and has been unable to eradicate capital crimes. References Amidon, E. (2018). Politics and the Death Penalty: 1930–2010. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 43(4), 831-860. Barry, K. M. (2019). The Death Penalty and the Fundamental Right to Life. BCL Rev., 60, 1545. Death Penalty Information Center. (2022). Upcoming Executions. Death Penalty Information Center. Retrieved from: Flanders, C. (2013). The Case Against the Case Against the Death Penalty. New Criminal Law Review, 16(4), 595-620. Mendoza Valles, L. A. (2018). Does the Death Penalty Deter Homicides? (Doctoral dissertation).
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Death Penalty Speech

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Death Penalty Speech
Hi, my name is XXXX. Today I stand in front of you to speak about a serious topic that will
help deter violent crimes in our society. I have realized that the death penalty issue is an
unforeseen issue that pits one side from the other. Therefore, today I will speak about the
cons and pros of legalizing the death penalty for the crime of murder and give my stance. The
cons are; the death penalty is unethical, does not create room for reform, and is

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