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You will demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of the roles, functions, and competencies required in organizations by developing a PowerPoint presentation that provides a synopsis (in your own words) of the general themes learned about Human Resource Management and Development from the perspectives of a) the organization, b) employees, c) the HR practitioner, and d) global HR implications.  In order to complete this assignment, you will synthesize all content from the reading assignments, webcasts, and lecture for this week.  PowerPoint Slides should follow some basic formatting guidelines:

  • When using bulleted text, stick with the 7 X 5 Rule.  No more than 7 words per bullet, and no more than 5 bullets per slide.  Following this guideline will enable the student to provide a concise synopsis of the material.
  • Whenever possible, include an applicable illustration along with text.  An example is utilizing a table that illustrates employment statistics or trends.
  • When using a dark background color, use a lighter color for your text.Simple is better.  The purpose is to summarize key points.  Don’t focus too much on bells and whistles, a lot of color, and animation.  While it’s fun to design with these tools, in the end, it takes away from your presentation.  Your audience will get lost in the “dazzle” and miss the content.
  • In general, the amount of content in this module can be summarized with 15 or more slides.

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