The Animal Cruelty Controversy Discussion Paper

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Paper (100 points) Formatting (10 points) • • • • Font as Times New Roman, 12 pt. Double spaced, 1” margins Upload in Word format Page numbers in X of X format in bottom footer of each page (ie. Page 1 of 11) Specifications (20 points) • • • • • Turned in on-time At least 10 pages (with space used reasonably, not obviously wasted or elongated), not including separate page for work-cited/references At least 15 different sources; of which 7 need to be professional sources (ie. peerreviewed or published articles in reputable journals, etc.) o Cite your sources, in whatever style you prefer (ie. MLA or APA), but stay consistent o Cite your courses in the paper and on a work-cited/references page o At least these four parts (could be more and can have subparts): Introduction, Background (present the issues and facts), Analysis (explain the problem, issue, or controversy and any ideas to solve it); Conclusion Professionally written and proof-read with little to no grammar or spelling errors Content and Substance (50 points) • • • Write, research, and provide analysis on a problem, issue, or controversy related to agriculture and law. o Here is a link with a few ideas: This topic area is intentionally very broad. If you’d like to review, approve, or brain-storm your topic, please email me by March 1st. Creativity (20 points) • • • As much as a paper can be, I want this to be fun. Write about something that interests you and show it! o Ie. If you are interested in aviation, you could explore legal issues with cropdusters. While being professional, bring some individuality and creativity to your paper with the title, headings, catchy topic sentences, etc. Include no more than three diagrams, charts, or pictures, each no larger than 3” by 3” to help illustrate or explain your topic. If you didn’t create them yourself, they should be cited. • Include at least one link to a video that helps illustrate or explain your topic. Make sure it is cited.
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