The Sensory Transduction Lab Report

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  1. How do drugs affect our performance? How does the neurological reaction to a minor injury differ from a larger injury?
    The final step for this assessment is to complete the lab report. As you work through the lab, compile the pieces of your report. To make the experience more interesting, complete the Hypothesis section prior to diving into the lab.

Here is Quizlet with the questions that were asked on the lab, please answer lab report that is attached and please do all work on the lab report.

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The Sensory Transduction Lab Report
1. How do drugs affect our performance? How does the neurological reaction to a minor
injury differ from a larger injury?
Drugs affect our performance by either enhancing it or degrade our performance.
Prohibited drug use diminishes health, physical performance and mental health; it
impairs the mental capability of a person that led to decisions that are not meant to do
thus it reduces the physical and intellectual capability of a person while on the other
hand performance enhancing drug is a drug where it can enhance your performance by
improving endurance, reduce fatigue, supress appetite, and increase alertness even
though this drug has this effect it also has its side effects which are: increase
aggressiveness, emotional changes, psychological changes, rapid gain weight and heart
related problems.
While in this experiment we have tested Rebine and Lidocaine; the drug Rebine
has no effect on the cell while on the neuron it has significant effect because Rebine
activates voltage-gated sodium channels by attaching to them from outside the cell and
on the other hand the drug Lidocaine by changing the membrane potential of the
respiratory pacemaker neuron, Lidocaine raises intracellular sodium concentration and
promotes excitation through voltage-dependent sodium channel and in neuron Lidocaine
reduces synaptic transmission and overall neuronal excitement.
In every injury there are different nerves that are affected therefore there are
different approach that our body is giving when it comes to facing it, it is categorized as
minor and major injury; minor injury refers to injury that an injury that we almost face in
our daily lives where it cannot signifi...

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